The Cost of Living in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Fort Wayne has some of the lowest costs in America and is still a livable place to live.

The “fort wayne cost of living rank” is a ranking that rates the cost of living in different cities. The list ranks Fort Wayne as the 23rd most expensive city to live in.

Moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana, might be a wise financial decision, yet there are always advantages and disadvantages to long-distance moves. Compared to a national average of 100, Fort Wayne’s cost of living index is 81.2. This indicates that Fort Wayne has a greater standard of living than one of the most costly cities in the nation.


Fort Wayne’s affordable housing costs are what contribute to the city’s low overall cost of living. The cost of living index gives housing a score of 52, whereas the state and national averages are 64 and 100 respectively. As a result, purchasing and renting in Fort Wayne are almost half what they are elsewhere in the country. That alone will convince many people to relocate!

In real terms, a three-bedroom apartment in the city’s metro region rents for roughly $900 per month, while the typical house price in Fort Wayne is $120,500.

median income for households

The median income for households in Fort Wayne, IN is approximately $51,500, compared to the national median of $57,600. As you can see, households in Fort Wayne bring in about $6000 less than homes in the rest of the country, but the low cost of living might be worth more than $6000. Of course, only you can determine that by crunching some numbers.

Price of Food and Eating Out

Groceries rate a 91 on the cost of living index, still lower than the national average but not as low as the housing market. Eating out at an inexpensive restaurant costs about $12 per person while ordering a 3-course meal at a mid-range restaurant costs about $25 per person. If you’re a family that earns more than the average median income for households, it means that you could enjoy quite a bit of eating out without stressing your budget.


Another advantage you’ll have while looking for homes in Fort Wayne is the low cost of utilities. The utility index is rated as 82, or $157.85 per month.


With a score of 97, the healthcare index is the closest to the national average. Keep in mind that several cities have indices over 100, which indicates your healthcare costs will be rather expensive. Although 97 is close, it is yet below the national average.

gas and transportation

The only category with a higher score than the national average is transportation (102). This covers the price of petrol, auto insurance, upkeep costs, and public transportation fares. Your transportation expenses will surely be reduced if you don’t own a vehicle. If you must travel to work, remember to factor in the high cost of petrol and auto insurance.

Prepared to Move?

Check out the long distance moving services that can bring you there if Fort Wayne, Indiana, with its affordable cost of living, appeals to you as a potential relocation destination. Additionally, using Unpakt gives you access to the top moving firms in terms of both quality and prices. So why are you still waiting? There has never been a better time to move than right now because to the good quality of life and affordable cost of living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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