The Cost of Living in Kansas City, MO

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The “salary needed to live in kansas city” is the cost of living in Kansas City, Missouri. The average salary needed to live comfortably in Kansas City is $40,000.

The good news is that Kansas City, Missouri’s cost of living is much lower than the national average, rating at 90 as opposed to 100 for the whole country. Housing, utilities, transportation, and other expenses are virtually all real. Additionally, Kansas City, Missouri’s average household income is greater than the national average, allowing you to live in a city with a better standard of living than other American cities.

Housing Costs

The Housing Costs in Kansas City, MO is well-below the national average. While the national average is rated 100, Kansas City comes in at 78; practically, the average rent cost in Kansas City, MO is $826, whereas the national average is $949. When you pay less for housing, you not only save money but you can also get much more space for less money.

Typical Income

In 2016 the median household income in Kansas City, MO was reported at $61,385, nearly $4000 more than the national Typical Income, $57,617. Which means that not only do you have the possibility to earn more in Kansas, MO, but the cost of living will be even lower, allowing you to enjoy luxuries you might not be able to enjoy in other cities.

Price of Food

Groceries are the only category in which Kansas City, MO rates higher than the national average, coming in at 101. But that extra 1 point doesn’t make much of a difference when compared to the 22-point difference in the Housing Costs.

Utility Billing Prices

The Utility Billing Prices is rated 77, but don’t think it’s like that all over Missouri. Count yourself lucky to have a low Utility Billing Prices in Kansas City, because in the rest of state is rated 103. The national average is also a bit higher; whereas a typical monthly utility bill in Kansas City is $154, in the rest of the U.S. it’s $166.

Healthcare Cost

Healthcare in Kansas City is ranked at 97, while Missouri as a whole is rated at 99, both below the national average. While seeing a doctor and an optometrist in Kansas City will be less expensive than elsewhere in the United States, visiting a dentist will cost a little more.

Transportation expense

Kansas City earns a 95 because it is somewhat less expensive than the rest of the United States for petrol and tire balancing. You can drive to work, spend less on petrol than the average American, and make more money than the typical American.

The affordable cost of living in Kansas City, Missouri should convince you to move there if you were on the fence about it.

The “cost of living kansas city vs denver” is a comparison between the cost of living in Kansas City and Denver, Colorado. The article also includes information about the average rent for each city.

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