The Cost of Living in Lincoln, NE

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Lincoln, Nebraska is a city that has seen better days. The cost of living in Lincoln can push your budget to the brink. You will have to be diligent when looking for apartments with lower rent or commuter gas costs so you don’t go deep into debt quickly.

The “average cost of living in nebraska” is the average cost of living in Lincoln, Nebraska. The cost of living in Lincoln is $61,931.

Fun fact: A Gallup survey conducted in 2013 found that residents of Lincoln, Nebraska, were THE happiest and healthiest individuals in the whole nation. What the fuss is all about, you ask? You may move to one of the most reasonably priced emerging cities in the country by moving to the capital city of Nebraska. Here is a summary of what you might anticipate paying for living expenses in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Unbelievably inexpensive housing

In your present city, can you locate a one-bedroom apartment for $600? That is the typical rent; but, if you were to widen your search and include the Lincoln metro region, you would be looking at more like $560. Additionally, you don’t have to give up all the benefits of city life in order to significantly reduce your rent costs! A flourishing gourmet culture, craft beer pubs, and even elegant nightclubs can be found in the downtown area. Maybe you’ll use all the money you save in that way.

Perhaps you’ll also purchase a home. You may live like a king or queen on a pitiful budget with a $175,000 typical property price, which includes paying moving services to unpack your stuff for you when you move in instead of straining your back. If you’re searching for a new house, one of Lincoln, Nebraska’s top selling features is its affordable housing.

There are employment, and they’re rather well paid.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, the average unemployment rate is now 2.6%, which is lower than the national average of 3.9% and is also on the decrease. The employment market is expanding, and growth is expected to be almost equivalent to the 38% rate in the United States. A little under the national average, residents make an average salary of $26,574, while the typical yearly family income is slightly under $50,000. But in Lincoln, Nebraska, where living expenses are so cheap, every dollar goes a lot farther.

You can eat delicious cuisine on a budget.

We know you’re hoping you can afford to dine out sometimes, especially with such a vibrant gourmet scene in Lincoln’s downtown. Fortunately, you can. Because Lincoln’s grocery prices are somewhat lower than the national average, you may use the extra money to check out some of the city’s newest eateries when they become available. Since restaurant prices are often cheaper than the national average, you’ll probably receive the check and grin while going out to eat. A mid-range, three-course lunch for around $45 is a great deal. Of course, before you go in with your date, be sure to peek over the menu of that new Pho restaurant.

You guessed it, utilities are also reasonably priced.

Your power, phone, and internet rates will undoubtedly be far lower than those in your present location, despite the fact that the winters in Lincoln will need you to turn up the heat. Be sure to budget for winter heating bills if you’re relocating across the nation from a warmer region, but fortunately they won’t drain your finances too much.

Healthful living in Lincoln

Fortunately, this is a city that takes good care of its citizens. Unfortunately, if you do become sick, your medical expenses will be 3% more than the national average, or up to 15% higher for a doctor’s visit. However, the care you do get will be of the highest caliber since Nebraska’s largest city is home to reputable hospitals and medical centers. Lincoln inhabitants also claim very good healthy lifestyle choices as a city: few smokers, plenty of exercise, and the majority have health insurance. The chances are on your side!

short trips, inexpensive gas

The typical American commute to work lasts roughly 26 minutes. At Lincoln? It just takes 10 minutes to realize why life is so lovely. The majority of people travel by automobile, although some fortunate individuals may use the StarTran system with its $1.75 bus price. You probably won’t see price increases like those Californians experience since gas prices often remain close to national averages.

You can concentrate on finding cheap movers in Lincoln to transport your stuff to your new house with the money you save on rent, petrol, and food in Lincoln.

Lincoln, Nebraska is a small city in the state of Nebraska. The cost of living in Lincoln is low and it has a lot to offer. Reference: living in lincoln, nebraska.

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