The Cost of Living in Providence, RI

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Providence, RI is one of the most desirable places to live in America. It offers everything an urban dweller could ask for without breaking the bank and it has a fantastic location near Boston, which makes access to work easy. The cost of living in Providence is also very low when compared with other major cities around the country such as New York or Los Angeles. However, Rhode Islanders pay some taxes that they may not be aware of until they’re forced to move elsewhere afterwards.,

The “cost of living in rhode island 2022” is a cost of living calculator for Providence, RI. It includes the median income and average home prices.

A major life decision is relocating to a new state. Your new home state’s cost of living is something you need to seriously consider whether you are moving for a new career, to be closer to family members, or simply for a change of scenery. If you’re searching for a terrific city with plenty of professional prospects, entertainment, the arts, and culture, moving to Providence, Rhode Island is a great choice. However, the city’s cost of living isn’t the lowest in the nation. Rhode Island is a rather expensive state, from monthly utilities to food bills, and Providence, the state’s capital and the primary hub of jobs and trade, is inevitably more expensive. What you should know about the cost of living in Providence, Rhode Island, is as follows:


Determine how much you can anticipate to spend for accommodation in your new location before embarking on any long distance move. The good news for those moving to Providence is that housing costs there are generally comparable to those found nationwide, and in some circumstances, are even cheaper. Having a median house price of $157,300, much less than the $200,700 national median price. The average price of a home in Rhode Island is $265,000, while the average yearly family income is $73,782, according to Rhode Island Demographics and Statistics. According to Numbeo, the average rent ranges from $1,081 to $1,327 for apartments outside the city center and between $1,235 and $1,616 for apartments in the city center.


Here’s the skinny on taxes in Rhode Island: they’re hefty. How tall? more than the national average by 25.77%. In terms of taxation, Rhode Island came in at number 48 overall in the nation. In Rhode Island, the typical resident pays nearly $8,400 in taxes annually. Naturally, the cost of living is increased by sales tax, property tax, and state income tax, all of which reduce home affordability.

Utility Prices and Energy Costs

The high cost of electricity in Providence is another aspect that contributes to the city’s high cost of living. In fact, Rhode Island has the ninth-highest energy costs in the nation. According to WalletHub’s research, residents in Rhode Island spend an average of $346 a month on energy, which includes an average electric bill of $98, natural gas heating prices of $54, motor fuel expenditures of $95 and home heating oil costs of $100. Since the weather in New England is famously unpredictable, many Rhode Islanders find it challenging to manage their energy budget since heating costs may fluctuate greatly and unpredictably.


As you may have surmised, in RI, feeding your family is a costly endeavor. Food prices at restaurants and fast food chains also increase as a result of increased energy expenses, which inevitably impact the cost of groceries. This is bad news, particularly if you are relocating with children.

Medical Bills

According to Expatistan, Medical Bills in Providence are slightly lower than the national average, with prescription and over the counter drugs priced at $6 for 6 days of cold medication and $12 for one box of antibiotics (the national average is $7 and $17, respectively). A short visit to the doctor will cost you an average of $95 in Providence, below the national average of $105.


Getting about Providence may be quite inexpensive with bus prices and monthly passes priced in line with the national average. Although Providence’s public transit system may need some work, many people feel that having a vehicle is a true necessity. Unfortunately, that requirement is more expensive than one may want. The cost of owning a car in Providence is higher for a number of reasons, including the fact that the sales tax in Rhode Island is 7% higher than the national average, that maintenance costs are higher as well ($412 on average annually), and that insurance premiums in Providence are the second highest in the country.

You now have all the information you need to move to Providence, Rhode Island. Although it may not be the most affordable place to live, it is full of lovely people, jobs, art, and culture, and you can create a beautiful life there as long as you keep your expenses in check.


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