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Moving to Reno, NV can be an expensive and difficult process. When you first consider moving your family, it is a good idea to do some research on the cost of living in Reno so that you are prepared with what it will take to make the move possible. The “cost of living in reno, nv 2022” is a blog post that discusses the cost of living in Reno, NV. The article explains how to calculate your monthly expenses and what you need to make it work. Although Reno, Nevada’s image is closely tied to its status as the desert’s center for gaming and entertainment, the city has a lot more to offer all year round. You may experience world-class performers, the monthly Riverwalk Wine, and the top-notch city life of its larger urban brethren while yet enjoying the charm of a tiny community. Take your best pals on a stroll along the Truckee River’s banks. Intrigued? When migrating to this great city, you should keep the following in mind about the cost of living.

Housing Costs

As you would expect, Reno real estate is in great demand, which drives up property prices above the national average. Zillow rates the index at roughly $360,300, which is much more than the median price of around $235,000. Rent is less costly, with the typical monthly rent being $872. Of course, living outside will result in lower costs and more access to nature. Downtown is more costly. Even yet, it seems that everyone in Reno often sees rabbits, which are the city’s most common fauna.

Typical Income

As you would expect, the entertainment business accounts for a large portion of employment in Reno. The median household income is $48,815, only a little bit less than the Nevada average, while unemployment is at a low 3.3%.

Price of Food

The cost of eating out in Reno is surprisingly low, with cheap lunches costing around $12 and a moderate supper costing $47. Drinks? If you go to the casinos, you can get lots of cheap beer and happy hour drinks; alternatively, for something a bit more inventive, check out the cool neighborhood pubs in Midtown. Plan to take your time, spend some money, and eat outside at one of the many restaurants that provide al fresco dining. Costs for groceries are somewhat lower than those in the rest of Nevada but on par with the national average.

Utility Billing Prices

Have you looked at Reno’s climatic data? All year round, very nice yet somewhat changeable. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about excessive heat or high cooling costs since even when it’s hot, it’s dry heat. At $113 per month, average power prices are 30% less than the national average. Paying an additional $140 a month for trash, water, etc.

Costs of Transportation

The cost of fuel is 20% more in Reno than the constantly changing national average, despite the fact that your car maintenance expenses may be cheaper. Costs for car insurance average $1341 a year. Do you prefer public transportation? The RTC manages a comprehensive bus network that serves Washoe County and the area around Reno. One-way tickets cost $2, day passes cost $3, and monthly passes cost $65. Depending on how far you need to go, regional connections cost more.

Medical Bills

In Reno, healthcare appointments will generally cost you a little more – a doctor’s visit will cost you 27.5% more. Nevada also has 13% higher health insurance rates, with average monthly payments of $279. Could the advantages of all that outdoor activity nullify the need for those expensive medical visits? So, we hope. If you’re drawn to “The Biggest Little City in the World,” which is located close to Lake Tahoe, let us assist you in locating reputable movers that can transport you there promptly and affordably.   The average rent in Reno, NV is $1,848. Reference: average rent in reno, nv.

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Christina Brown

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