The Cost of Living in San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio, Texas has a population of 1.33 million people and is the seventh largest city in the United States. It’s considered to be one of America’s best cities for business, culture, cost-of-living and weather. This topic explores what it costs to live in San Antonio based on data from 2017.

The “monthly cost of living in san antonio, texas” is a question that people often ask. The answer to the question depends on many factors including the number of people in your household, what types of housing you are looking for, and how much you make.

Not just Johnny Cash, but residents of San Antonio, Texas, fondly recall The Alamo. If you’re thinking of relocating to San Antonio, Texas, you should study up on your history as well as be ready for some fast-paced rodeo and excellent tacos. Here is the lowdown on San Antonio’s cost of living so you can plan your spending properly.

Housing Costs

Overall, San Antonio has a cheaper cost of living than the rest of the country. The average cost of a house is 34% cheaper than the national average and even lower than the pricing for the state of Texas, which is fantastic news if you’re a first-time home buyer. Many people choose to reside in San Antonio than Austin since it is roughly 40% less expensive than its neighboring city. Most mortgages cost roughly $875 per month, with an average price of around $121,100. That is less than the average monthly rent in San Antonia, which is $882 for the majority of residents. Anyone ready to start looking at houses?

Typical Income

San Antonians have a per capita income of $23,581, a median family income of $48,183, and an unemployment rate that is somewhat lower than the national average. Despite the fact that both of these are lower than the median salaries for the United States and Texas, San Antonio’s generally cheaper cost of living may be able to make up the gap! Your future might be bright in this country since the economy is expanding and financial projections point to only positive things ahead.

Price of Food

You can easily find a dinner in San Antonio that fits your budget thanks to the wide variety of alternatives available, from tacos served up in kitschy food trucks to exquisite dining. Spend $35 on dinner at a respectable restaurant, or get some dollar tacos for a fast snack. Advice: Most tacos you’ve eaten in the United States are probably not as good as the even dollar tacos in San Antonio. Prepare meals at home? The cost of groceries in this area is often much lower than the national average. Of course, if you want to buy food that is of a good caliber at a reasonable price, choose your grocery shops wisely.

Utility Billing Prices

In Alamo country, you’ll triumph once again. Typically, monthly electricity prices average $132, which is 20% less than the national average. Including water, trash, and sewage, a compact one-bedroom apartment will cost you around $160. An 8mbps connection costs around $55 per month in internet rates.


Transportation expense

San Antonio has extensive bus service, although the majority of residents still use their own vehicles to move about this small city. Gas costs are typically approximately 7% cheaper than the national average, which may add up to big savings over time. The cost of a one-way bus ticket is just $1.30, while the cost of a month pass is merely $38. Look into your choices since VIA, a local transport provider, also collaborates with nearby companies to provide workers reduced tickets as a way to encourage them to use the system.

Healthcare Cost

You won’t pay more to see a doctor, dentist, or optometrist in San Antonio, but don’t allow that be an excuse to stop following your regular healthcare schedule. You’ll spend $94 to see your primary care physician instead of the national average of $108 since healthcare expenses are generally 15% lower here than they are nationwide.

After you’ve given your movers the all-clear, go outside and take a stroll around Texas Hill Country, see Natural Bridge Caverns, and take pleasure in your brand-new San Antonio residence!

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