The Cost of Living in Topeka, KS

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With a population of just more than 130,000 people, the cost to live in Topeka is quite cheap. However, it’s not so easy finding an affordable home in this small city. With such low prices and little housing stock available for rent or sale, moving to Topeka can be challenging.

The “cost of living in lawrence, kansas” is a great place to live if you want to be close to the University of Kansas. The cost of living is also low, which makes it an affordable place to live.

You’ll be glad to hear that Topeka, Kansas, has a substantially cheaper cost of living than the country as a whole if you’re thinking about relocating there. Almost everything, including accommodation, food, and transportation, this is true. If you’re considering moving to the Sunflower State but aren’t sure which city to settle in, the fact that Topeka is more affordable to live in than the majority of Kansas may be a decisive factor.

Housing Costs

While the national average Housing Costs has an index of 100, housing in Topeka, KS is rated at 57. That’s a huge difference! And what it means practically is that:

  • Compared to other cities, it will be easier for you to purchase a property there.
  • Compared to other cities, you’ll have a better chance of being able to buy a bigger house.

How affordable are we getting? The average cost of a property is $106,900, while the average monthly rent is $728. Nevertheless, because you won’t be making a NYC income and paying Topeka housing expenses, you’ll still need to apply for a mortgage or rent that is within your budget.

Typical Income

Compared to the national median household income of over $56,000, Topeka, Kansas’s typical household income is about $42,000. Although there is a big difference, living there is still relatively inexpensive even if your salary is lower than the national average.

Price of Food

The Price of Food in Topeka, KS is 7% lower than the national average, another bonus of living there. Which means that you can enjoy relatively inexpensive groceries and purchase food items you may not have splurged on elsewhere.

In terms of dining out, a 3-course lunch for two people at a mid-range restaurant may easily be had for around $50. Despite the fact that the sales tax is just 6.5%, there is a measure that would reduce it to 4% in 2019 and eventually 2% in 2020.

Utility Billing Prices

The Utility Billing Prices in Topeka is slightly higher than the national average, with an index of 103. This is the only area in which Topeka rates higher than the national average. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to cut down on the cost of heating and air conditioning, given the city’s relatively hot summers and cold winters.

Transportation expense

The Transportation expense in Topeka, KS is 19% lower than the national average and 8% lower than the state average. Not only is transportation relatively inexpensive, but in 2016 Kansas roads ranked 3rd in a national report. And in addition to high-quality roads, Topeka also has easily accessible public transportation.

Healthcare Cost

The Healthcare Cost in Topeka, KS in on par with the nation’s average. The average Healthcare Cost is determined by the standard daily rate for a hospital room, the costs of a doctor’s office visit, and a dental checkup.

High Life Quality

The Topeka Chamber recognizes that the city’s low cost of living is one of the biggest contributing factors to the High Life Quality in Topeka, KS. Other factors include excellent neighborhood schools, housing in all price ranges, a regional medical center, educational and recreational attractions, easy access to parks, and loads of cultural activities. All in all, there are some great reasons to consider moving to Topeka, KS!

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