The Movers Broke My Dresser – Now What?

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It’s not unusual for furniture to arrive in pieces. When it does, you’ll want the movers and their truck back on your side as soon as possible so that they can try to make things right – both by offering a discount on your next move and by replacing the broken piece at no cost.

The “moving company broke my stuff” is a common problem that can occur during the moving process. The article will give you some tips on how to fix your dresser and other items that were broken by the movers.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, even with the greatest moving company. You may find yourself a bit emotionally spent dealing with misplaced or damaged belongings during a move, despite the fact that you spared yourself the worry, energy, and physical strain that come with a self-move. Knowing how to react in a situation when you find yourself stating, “Movers damaged my furniture,” would be helpful.


Take pictures

One of the easiest ways to avoid any question whether the movers caused damage is to Take pictures ahead of time. This includes your valuables, but also large items more prone to getting scratched, ripped, and dropped. Your television, dresser, dining room table and oversized sofa are good examples. If damage occurs, you will have proof that the item was in good condition prior to the move. Ideally, you will snap the photos the night before or morning of the move. Include a time stamp or hold a newspaper with the date showing in the photos. This way, no one can say the photo must have been old and the damage was there prior to moving day. It should go without saying that you should also take a photo of the damage as soon as you notice it.


Understand what to look for

Because they don’t see the damage immediately away and believe it is too late to file when they do, many consumers never ever submit a claim. Yes, there is a lot going on when you move, but you still need to take the time to check everything. Remember that damage may not just affect your personal possessions; it may also result in property damage.

Look for scratches on wood furniture, fabric tears from the couch being dragged through the entrance, and open any boxes that seem to have been damaged to inspect the contents. You should inspect the walls, hardwood floors, door frames, and doors throughout the home.


Putting in a Claim

The Bill of Lading should be the first place you record any loss or damage. Never consent to a monetary settlement offer. To register a claim, you must get in touch with the moving company’s representative and ask for the necessary documentation. You must take care of this; do not rely on the driver or mover to do it for you.

Additionally, it’s crucial that you hold onto damaged things until after the moving firm has sent an inspection. Obviously, you will clean up anything that might endanger your family and pets if you are dealing with a shattered glass table or television.

Your mover may expedite a replacement item if the damage or loss interferes with daily life in certain circumstances before the written claim is finished, but this is completely up to the firm. An example would be a cot for your child.

Don’t freak out if you don’t see damage on moving day. To submit a claim, you have up to nine months. If you booked your move via Unpakt, send an email to your movers with the subject line: [email protected] as soon as you become aware of any damage. The Unpakt Team will make sure that your claim is submitted, so be sure to provide all the information and images of the damages that you can.



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