The Process for Moving to the Princeton University Dorm Rooms

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NYU is in the process of moving its students to new dorm rooms on campus. Princeton University has not yet announced their move, but they are still taking applications for spring 2018. Here’s a guide explaining what you need to know about this process.

The “princeton university new dorms” is a process that many students have to go through before they can move into the new dorm rooms. It can be difficult, but it is worth the effort.

Congratulations on obtaining your Princeton degree! Moving into the Princeton University dormitories involves some planning and preparation, whether you are just starting your time on campus or are nearly ready to graduate. We’ve listed the procedures you need to do and the things you should think about when it’s time to relocate, so have a look before you worry and start digging through the mountains of papers with that cherished Princeton emblem. You’ll see as we begin with the moving in and Moving away procedure. It’s easy.

Moving In

For check-in, schedule your first day’s arrival between 8 am and 1 pm. You will choose a timeslot on your matriculation form, which you must complete before coming, in order to maintain everything and everyone in order. after that? Get your student ID, an information packet, a move-in map, and a parking tag at the Lewis Center for the Arts by going there (see to your campus map for directions). This will allow you to park close to your dorm. Volunteers will be able to assist you in locating your room and navigating the dorm floor layouts after you’ve located your residential college.

Advice: Concentrate on getting all of your boxes and baggage to your dorm room before moving your vehicle to a more permanent parking spot and beginning the unpacking process since move-in day is a busy time for parking and elevator usage. You’ll have time during the next days to carefully arrange your books, but for now, there are more important things on your plate.

Did you employ a business that provides relocation services for college students? Before the crew begins unloading your truck, send one person ahead to find out where your room is.

Moving away

We are aware of your joy and tears. However, we don’t want you to miss any crucial information on the day of your move-out if you allow it cloud your judgment. The crucial information? Yes, anything that wasn’t there when you came must be removed. That goes for everything, including carpets, lofting supplies, lights, and drapes. Sweep your floors, take out the garbage and recycling, and place it in the proper bins. Also, do your best to remove any stains from the walls or floor. Prepare your room for inspection and donate any furniture, clothes, or unneeded school materials at one of the campus Greening Move-Out sites! (Hadn’t done any cleaning since well before finals? Take a look at our moving advice for dirty rooms.)

Room inspection should be a no-hassle event if you have taken care of Moving away properly. Since you won’t be charged for normal wear and tear, including holes left from nails or tacks that are smaller than the size of a pencil, don’t spackle or paint your walls. In fact, don’t do that period-the University has a protocol for fixing room damages. If you fail to remove all of your belongings or leave significant damage, you will be charged for the costs of repairs or removal.

Lastly? Ensure that you have locked your door, closed all the windows, and turned in your keys.

New students, be ready for class.

When it’s time to move into your dorm, what precisely do you need to bring? The majority of the items on your list should cover the essentials, but here are a few more items you may want to think about:

  • Extra-long twin sheets, a mattress cover, and blankets (sometimes known as “dorm sized”).
  • Shower accessories, such as a caddy and shower-specific flip flops
  • Using a bathrobe when going to and from the shower
  • laundry detergent and a container or basket for the washing
  • built-in breaker power strip
  • Sets the alarm
  • bike and a lock
  • Backpack
  • miniature electric fan
  • school equipment
  • cleaning products (broom and dustpan, all-purpose cleaner and paper towels, etc.)

Sorry, but no pets. Also leave behind your candles, toaster oven, microwave, hot pot, refrigerators bigger than a dorm room.

Check out our budget-friendly moving-in advice to start your studies without breaking the bank.


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