The Top 6 Employers in Tulsa, OK

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Tulsa, Oklahoma is a city of business. The top employers in Tulsa include Fortune 500 companies like State Farm Insurance and BOK Financial Corporation as well as educational institutions such as the University of Tulsa and Oral Roberts University. In addition to its booming economy, this area also has an extensive amount of things to do with restaurants, parks, museums and shopping opportunities on every corner.

The “who is the largest employer in tulsa?” is a question that many people ask. The answer to this question is the University of Tulsa. The University of Tulsa has approximately 10,000 employees and $1.2 billion in revenue.

The oil capital of the world was formerly Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has transformed into a well-liked metro area located at the intersection of the South, Southwest, and Midwest regions of America in the days after it lost its designation. You’ll be happy to hear that this little-big city has attracted some top-notch companies if you’re relocating to “T-Town” and looking for a career. Here are the top Tulsa employers to which you need to submit your resume immediately.

1. North American Hilti

Industrial manufacturing is a specialty of this tech-oriented business. Over a thousand employees work at their Tulsa branch. This organization has a strong innovation emphasis, making it an excellent place for a self-starter who wants to get in and pick things up fast. You name it: design, sales, etc. They often have openings for a range of roles. Even while the atmosphere is encouraging, certain jobs can involve a good bit of travel, and they might push you to perform to the best of your ability. At one of the top tech businesses in Tulsa, be prepared to innovate and to be rewarded for a job well done.

2. The Tulsa University

A job in private higher education may often be found in a town and offers stability, interest, and community-focused employment. U of T is not an exception. Where there is a university, there is decent employment, whether you are an educator or someone who could work in one of the various support positions that assist keep the school functioning (Finance! Business! Counselors! IT!). Expect the income to be modest; but, if you have access to all the school has to offer, you could find the additional perks outweigh that. Utilize the library, the sports facilities, or even try out a few courses!

3. Tulsa Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs, a bigger business with a location in Tulsa, is a news and advocacy group for consumers that compiles data on product performance and recalls. A membership service is available to obtain information and comparisons for almost any consumer good you can think of. They also publish hundreds of customer evaluations. Employees laud the distinctive workplace atmosphere, where “work hard, play hard” is unquestionably true. Be prepared to drive innovation, sales, and creative problem solving while having fun with the team.

4. Base of American Airlines Maintenance

Love flying? The AA Maintenance Base puts you in their immediate vicinity every day. Despite having its headquarters in Texas, the airline sends its aircraft to Tulsa for maintenance, and the business need workers for a variety of support positions. If you like traveling, the advantages are also fairly great! The workplace environment is friendly and offers the benefits of working for a big organization, including training opportunities and the chance to progress if that is the career path a person chooses. Ready to take flight? One of Tulsa’s largest employers is AA.

5. First Fidelity, First United, Regent Bank, and Allegiance Credit Union are all in the banking sector.

These banks, big and small, were honored as great places to work by the Oklahoma Journal Record. Of course, they’re looking for someone who loves math, but what if that’s your area of expertise? Their staff members strongly suggest them. Expect a relaxed work atmosphere, kind individuals, and respectful treatment!

6. Oklahoma Diagnostics Laboratory

Secretaries, medical technicians, and phlebotomists, congregate here. DLO is a locally oriented medical testing processing organization that serves walk-in patients as well as more than 75 hospitals around the state. Apply if you’re interested in a fast-paced atmosphere (tests need to be processed! ), a wonderful work culture, and constantly looking for a better way to do things. It has been recognized as one of the top employers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for 12 years running.

Not only great jobs should be your consideration while relocating to Tulsa. This list will be a wonderful place to start your career search! Do not overlook. With some great movers in Tulsa, Unpakt makes the moving process easy.


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