The Top 6 Indoor Activities to Do in Columbus

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Columbus has become a city full of activities for all kinds of people, including those looking to get out and explore the great outdoors. Whether you are on vacation or just visiting, there is plenty to do in Columbus with so many indoor activities to choose from.

The “Top 6 Indoor Activities to Do in Columbus” is a list of activities that are perfect for those who live in the city.

Living in Columbus, Ohio means that when fall arrives, the weather changes, sweaters and umbrellas are pulled out, and it’s time to find entertaining indoor activities. We have six excellent ideas to keep you occupied and safe from the weather, whether you’re new to the city and this is your first fall or you’re thinking about moving and interested what happens when the clouds blow in. Oh, those components from Ohio.

1. Franklin Park Botanical Garden

The Franklin Park Botanical Garden offers activities for multiple aspects all in one place: you can walk the grounds to take in the gardens during the warmer weather, and during cooler or rainier months, take advantage of the classes and events held in the museum. Interactive, hands-on programs are offered year-round for children of all ages, and adults can dig into classes like culinary and wellness workshops, fine art education, and garden design to get you prepared for the next summer.

2. COSi

With exhibits like the Pink Floyd show in the Planetarium on Friday and Saturday nights, Adventures in the Valley of the Unknown, and an ever-rotating roster of movies shown on the really, really big screen, there is always something interesting and entertaining for all ages. COSi, which stands for Center of Science and Industry, is a ton of fun for kids and adults. The science museum just became lot cooler. Adults may also take advantage of COSI’s “Up All Night” program or enjoy some drinks at Science On Tap.

3. Art Museum of Columbus

What could be more enjoyable on a wet day than to lose yourself in some classic works of art? Moving to Columbus doesn’t always exclude one from having access to world-class museums. The CMoA has an array of installations and displays that are continually changing, as well as the more engaging “Big Idea Gallery” and the interactive Wonder Room. The Museum also routinely offers events, such as talks on fresh exhibits or gatherings where guests may mingle while admiring beautiful works of art. Get the hang of the “hmm…” head tilt, then visit the museum.

4. Center for Wexner

At the Center for Wexner, you can watch just about anything: music, film, theater, dance, lectures, and art. Rotating exhibits pay homage to various aspects of the arts, like the Fall 2016 exhibit featuring the artwork of the experimental Black Mountain College. The films are guaranteed to be independent and unique, and the lectures from visiting speakers as well as museum docents will give you a deeper look into the arts or invite you to consider, for example, comic books in an entirely different light. Have a look through the calendar and we’re pretty sure you’ll have plenty of activities to do in Columbus.

5. Camelot Vineyards

Have you ever fancied yourself a sommelier, impressing your friends with your in-depth knowledge of the bottles you pull out of your wine cellar? Then spend a day with the folks at Camelot Vineyards and craft your very own, personalized vintage — all the way down to the details on the label. It’s a two-part process, of course, starting with a tasting to determine your preferred blend, then a few weeks later, returning to bottle your new wine. Then it can decorate the shelves of your wine cellar until it is perfectly aged and ready for a grand unveiling at your new home in Columbus.

6. Roller Girls in Ohio

You haven’t ever attended a roller derby match? It’s about time, I suppose. There are more people there than simply a bunch of females roller skating, for sure. The atmosphere is rough, chaotic, and noisy, more like that of a hockey game. Since roller derby is all about getting into it, choose your favorite team and get ready to yell as loudly as you can. Really. And the people of Columbus know how to properly conduct the Derby.

whenever the climate is favorable? Here is a blog article with some great ideas for making the most of a break in the chilly weather. Additionally, if you’re relocating to Columbus in the winter, use this blog article as a guide to help you avoid any post-move blues.


Columbus is a city with many things to do. There are plenty of indoor activities that you can do in Columbus, Ohio. These include museums, zoos, and libraries. For more ideas on what to do indoors in Columbus, check out the article “The Top 6 Indoor Activities to Do in Columbus.” Reference: free indoor activities columbus, ohio.

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