Things You Should Always Move Yourself

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A move is the perfect time to take stock, reflect on what’s been important in your life and prepare for what’s new. Moving at least once a decade is essential for maintaining mental health no matter how old you get. The “things you need when moving into your first home” is something that everyone should do. Here are some of the most important things to pack when moving into a new place. Regardless of whether you hired the finest movers, there are certain items that you should always move yourself. This holds true for packing as well! Some items are just best left in your sole hands if you’re letting someone to pack your belongings for you.


No matter whether they are pricey canvases or individual oil paintings, they certainly shouldn’t be handled by movers. They actually don’t even need to be in a moving van, to be honest. Make a second journey with your automobile if you are only relocating within the same city. Otherwise, air shipping is preferable, especially if you’re going during a very hot or cold period.

Blu-ray, DVD, and CD discs

These might be highly alluring and simple objects to take if your movers are doing the packing for you. Despite having insurance, it would be preferable if you avoided creating the temptation altogether. When you pack it yourself, you may combine them with other items like clothing and towels and designate the box as the less appealing one. Now, you should try to move these goods yourself if you are undertaking a long-distance relocation in the winter or summer. Remember that a moving truck’s rear may heat up to well over 120 degrees in the summer, turning it into an oven. It is best to keep these things at a consistent temperature.


Of course, you should let professional movers handle costume jewelry, but you should transport precious diamonds yourself. Why even take the chance that anything may be lost or broken? You probably don’t have as much jewelry as to be able to fit it all in your bag or a box you’re bringing in the vehicle.


The things in your life that matter most sometimes have no actual monetary worth. Because heirlooms are replaceable, you should always take care of them. Make it a point to transfer it personally, whether it’s your grandfather’s worn-out pocket watch or the barrette your grandmother wore to her wedding. Avoid taking the chance that these goods may be misplaced, stolen, or destroyed since no amount of insurance money will be able to replace them.

Important Paperwork

All of your Important Paperwork need to be handled by you. This includes mortgage papers, insurance information, marriage and birth certificates, passports and school, medical and vet records. If you have all these items in a safe or lockbox, then you can just move that in your vehicle. Otherwise, box  these documents up or put them in your suitcase.

Inventories and Antiques

Again, even with more insurance, it is wiser to avoid having movers handle your collections and antiques. Coins, stamps, and other little items are manageable to store in your car, but clearly it may not be realistic if you have a large train or doll collection. The same holds true for old things. There truly is no way around the movers transferring these goods if your whole house is filled with antiques. However, if all you have is a delicate mirror, jewelry box, or oil lamp, you may have enough storage in your car. Remember that sometimes lawsuits are brought against even the greatest moving firms. Additionally, accidents do occur on the road sometimes, and they may not even be your driver’s fault.

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Christina Brown
Christina Brown

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