Tips for Professional Networking in New York City

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New York City is a big city. If you’re new to the area and looking for work, it can be difficult separating yourself from the competition. However, networking with people in your industry will give you an edge over others who haven’t been as proactive about building their professional network., The “professional networking tips” is a blog that provides professional networking tips for people who are moving to New York City. The blog also includes links to helpful resources and articles. Those looking to network professionally in NYC have plenty of opportunity in the Big Apple, but where should the ambitious person begin with so many options? Whether you currently have a job or not, every professional should continue to network, pick up knowledge from people in the industry, and establish a name for themselves in their sector. So, if you’re going to New York City, here are our top suggestions to help you get settled quickly: the how, the where, and the what-to of professional networking in New York City.

Look for networking possibilities online.

Numerous postings are accessible to the general public on websites like MeetUp, LinkedIn, and Eventbrite. EventBrite also provides listings for seminars, conferences, and other non-networking-specific events that may prove to be just as fruitful of a meeting ground. A thorough search will turn up both generalist events and networking opportunities that are relevant to your professional path and hobbies. If you want a drink with your business cards, these socials are a necessity. also has a sizable network of young professionals who attend their more social events in the city.

Participate in some of these live events.

With year-round workshops, networking events, panel discussions, and peer mentoring opportunities, Be Social Change has built a network of professionals who are committed to “empowering individuals from all sectors and industries to establish purpose-driven professions, businesses, and lives.” BSC can assist you in connecting with a community of individuals who are motivated by purpose, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or have made your career in business. You may find reasonable coworking space at The Freelancers’ Union in Manhattan, and they also hold a variety of “pop-up workshops” to keep you engaged, informed, and socially connected with the other freelancers who are often tucked away behind their computers and headphones. Take a yoga class, learn how to do taxes quickly, or learn secret strategies for avoiding client nonpayment. You might take use of this time to network with some of the many other independent contractors and business owners nearby. Check out the High Speed! networking events or raise a glass to new acquaintances at the Shakers and Stirrers meetings hosted by Networking for Professionals (NFP), which holds events in major cities around the nation, including New York. Their parties aren’t free, but the admission cost usually includes hors d’oeuvres or a snack as well as some great company. The NYC Business Networking Group, winner of the Top 100 Small Business Influencers’ Award in Leadership, has over 16k members in their MeetUp group and consistently sells out networking events. The organization itself has no dues, and the minimum monthly meeting fees are made possible by sponsors covering the majority of their expenses. You may anticipate meeting influential businesspeople from a range of industries, as well as many chances to network and promote your company. For techies from all sectors, New York Tech Meetup is the place to be. Up to 800 people attend their monthly demo evenings, many of whom stay for the afterparty, and the nonprofit organization conducts a plethora of other events throughout the month, so you’re sure to find something that fits your niche.

Visit one of these well-liked bars to mingle with prominent people.

In the hip Lobby Bar of the Ace Hotel in Midtown, you’re just as likely to run across a famous person as you are an entrepreneur. If you feel like talking to a stranger, you simply never know who you’ll meet. It’s a wonderful location to get a networking drink or set up shop with your laptop and some Stumptown Coffee. The Gaslight Lounge is the place to go if you’re looking for a more laid-back and easygoing pub in the posh Meatpacking District, where Google’s New York headquarters are located. Everything is available here, from a chic drink to a piece of pizza, and with a number of bars and a dance club, you may mingle with New York’s elite anywhere you choose. Perhaps the atmosphere at this Nolita pub, a favorite hangout for internet entrepreneurs and business people, isn’t exactly Sweet and Vicious. It is renowned for being a new media hotspot and has three consecutive years of hosting the Obliterati Internet Week celebration. Moving to New York City gives you plenty of opportunities to network in just about every manner conceivable, whether you’re searching for a new career or just want to establish some nice contacts. Consequently, enjoy it. When it comes time to move into your ideal apartment, don’t forget to make a reservation with a reputable New York moving company! The “linkedin” is a professional networking site that allows users to connect with other professionals. LinkedIn has over 400 million members, making it easy for people to find the right person for their job.

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