Tips for Selling Furniture on Craigslist

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Moving can be a daunting task, but there are always some ways to make it easier on yourself. Here’s how to sell your furniture online for the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

The “craigslist used furniture for sale by owner” is a service that helps people sell their old furniture on Craigslist. These are some tips to help you sell your furniture quickly and easily.

You’ve looked over Craigslist quite a bit. Even if you’ve bought some fantastic furniture, moved into a new apartment, or even sold some of your belongings or given some furniture to a good cause, you don’t think of yourself as a pro.

Perhaps it’s time to advance. There are a few essential elements to effectively selling furniture on Craigslist, which may cut down on time and bother and increase the price you get for your products. You don’t want to have to pay to store your furniture, do you? Therefore, after you’ve determined what you want to sell, go through this process with each item and watch the buyers come in.


A good shot is essential.

Every day of the week, there are a lot of low-quality photographs and ambiguous postings to be found when scrolling through Craigslist. Yours will stand out if you:

  • Use a high-quality digital camera if at all feasible. If not, use your phone as best you can!
  • The things should be well cleaned, as should the space surrounding them that will be seen in the images. People think that you have treated your furnishings in the same manner as you have handled your house.
  • Photograph the object in natural light as this tends to capture its original color and condition. Take pictures from a variety of perspectives, including up close and in a more created “scene”. 
  • Include images of any defects or damage to your product to avoid having consumers negotiate with you in person after discovering that significant scratch.

Make sure the listing is succinct.

Just a few details concerning your furniture are sought for by prospective buyers: 

  • Asking price, specifying whether you’re prepared to accept the best offer outright or are standing fast (your listing should include “OBO” if you want to do this)
  • A succinct yet detailed explanation of the item’s construction, materials, and any obvious defects
  • measurements to help the buyer determine if their car can accommodate the furnishings. They could want assistance moving heavy items out of your home if you’re selling it.
  • Whether the customer must pick up the goods in person or you are prepared to deliver
  • a pickup window (for example, “Available for pickup on Saturday between 12 and 5.”
  • The kind of payments you’re prepared to take (cash only, Venmo)
  • Keep your phone number off the list! Only provide your potential buyer this information to make sure you can meet up to complete the deal.

Before setting a price, do some research and determine what you’re prepared to accept.

There is a considerable chance that there are other antique writer’s desks available than yours. Decide what you’re prepared to accept after doing some research to see what other desks are posted at. If you don’t want to negotiate with your customers, make it clear that you’re firm about your asking price and make sure it’s comparable to prices for similar products. If you’re open to a deal or the highest offer, set the price a bit higher so you have some room.


Don’t reply to every message

One of the greatest methods to sell furniture on Craigslist is to be merciless in separating people who are serious about purchasing from those who aren’t. We know you don’t want an inbox full of requests. a few warning signs

  • The sender seems frantic and requests that you pick up the item right now. These people often utilize all capitals. Delete.
  • You may request a money order from the sender. Nope.
  • The sender asks questions regarding the item that are immediately addressed in the advertisement, just replies with one phrase, or makes broad inquiries rather than addressing the specific item being offered. Not really.

After learning how to sell furniture on Craigslist, it’s time to go through some home design applications and start looking for that next incredible sofa.


The “craigslist furniture free” is a Craigslist ad that outlines some tips for selling furniture on the site.

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