Tips for Switching over Utilities When Moving to a New House

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Moving one’s utility service to a new home is usually an easy task. Just make sure to have your old account number and contact information handy in case you encounter any difficulties along the way!

Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. It can be easy to forget about utility services that you have been using for years. Here are some tips on what to do when moving over utilities when moving house. Read more in detail here: how to take over utilities when moving house.

Even the most organized persons might get frustrated when it comes to turning off and turning on their utilities when they leave a home. Follow these instructions for transferring utilities when you move to make sure you don’t unintentionally run out of electricity the day before you leave or be charged for services you didn’t use.

Select and plan your activation and shut-off dates well in advance.

Make sure you will be home when they come to switch things on by contacting your new utility suppliers well in advance to arrange your account activation in your new house. If you are having internet activated, there may be a delay until service is completely operational. If you depend on internet connectivity in your house, be sure to have a backup plan. When setting up your new house, try to think of all the minor things you’ll want to have in place. For example, would you want heat right away? What about trash collection services?

Likewise, if your existing utility provider requires your presence at home to complete the transition, plan your shut-off appointments with them for just before you go. You definitely don’t want to put off your departure since the utility provider is still on the way to turn off the gas! Check out our blog article on how to relocate your utilities for more detailed instructions.

Have access to the account numbers for each of your accounts.

Packing away your papers might leave you stranded when the electricity provider requests your account number. The ideal situation? All of the data is already arranged by you. But if you don’t, spend some time gathering all of the crucial account numbers, billing details, and documentation that you’ll need to set up your utilities. You will be asked to provide a copy of your lease or title documents as evidence of residence for your new house, so have a few copies on hand!

Pay any outstanding amounts or fees.

Did you ever make a payment a bit late? Ensure that any late fines, invoices, and other small charges are paid in full to avoid receiving communication from your utility provider in the future. Make sure that your account is in good standing and that there won’t be any unexpected costs while you are making preparations to have your accounts turned off.

Give a current forwarding address

Give your present utility company your planned permanent address if you know it so they may readily transfer your deposit, your last bill, or any refunds that are owed. Provide the address of a person you can trust to receive crucial papers if you don’t yet have a postal address, or set up a temporary PO Box in your new hometown. In any case, don’t trust the postal system with this sort of message!

Before you go, be sure to take one last meter reading.

We all know that electricity providers are busy, so unless you expressly request a reading, they may not have your meter ready at the time of switch-over. Be arrangements for one last reading just before you leave for your new house to make sure that your final statement does not contain two weeks’ worth of the new renters’ gas or electricity usage.

After you’ve turned on your utilities, do a thorough inspection.

Even though you’ll be immersed in unpacking, take a pause to do a thorough inspection and make sure all of your utilities are operational. Open all the windows and turn on the heat if you are moving during the summer to make sure it works. If you have a landline, test your internet and phone connections. If the natural gas in your new house is being used, go around the whole place and sniff for leaks. Before you get a water bill that shows a leak, now is the time to have all of your fixtures, such as faucets, gas stoves, and heaters, tuned up and running properly.

Last but not least, do yourself a favor and hire the finest moving company to do the difficult lifting while you handle the little things. While you check that the heat is functioning, they will make sure that your sofa makes it up the stairs. In the end, everyone will be happy!

A lot of people are moving to a new house and they want to know how to connect their electricity. Here are some tips for doing so. Reference: connecting electricity to new property.

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