Top 10 High-Tech Companies to Work for in Atlanta

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Atlanta is growing at a rapid rate, and there are many opportunities for those willing to work hard. These 10 companies offer some of the most exciting positions in the city with great benefits and ample room for professional growth.

The “best tech companies to work for atlanta” is a list of the top 10 high-tech companies in Atlanta. The list includes big names such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Are you thinking about relocating to Atlanta? For a variety of reasons, many Americans are. In addition to having good weather and reasonably priced homes, it also boasts work prospects.

In this blog article, we’ll examine Atlanta’s expanding tech sector and share some of the top employers in the area with you.

Atlanta, which is home to such titans as the Coca-Cola Company, Home Depot, and UPS, came in at number five on Forbes magazine’s list of the best cities for business and careers in 2015. This city’s robust employment growth draws in a wide range of experts from different sectors.

Atlanta has seen a spike in the creation of high-tech jobs in recent years because of the city’s high standard of living, cheap cost of doing business, and local research centers that are focused on the technology industry. The activities of top technological corporations are being expanded into Atlanta, or they are increasing their current presence there.

IT professionals in Atlanta make an average yearly pay of $75,334. Software developers and telecom specialists will make, respectively, $78,677 and $81,649 per year. Finding work in Atlanta’s thriving high-tech industry makes a lot of sense given its low cost of living.

The top 10 high-tech firms in Atlanta to work for are listed below:

SAP America Inc., a division of the German software giant SAP SE, offers software solutions across several sectors. In Atlanta, it employs 783 people.

Software business Infor specializes in corporate software for a range of uses, from customer connections to financial systems. The corporation, which has its headquarters in New York City, employs 664 people in Atlanta.

Waystar is a developer and supplier of cloud-based healthcare billing and payment systems that improve the productivity and manageability of doctor’s offices. 201 people work for the 2001-founded business.

Atlanta is home to 284 workers of the Microsoft Corporation, which barely requires an introduction.

Veristor Systems, which employs 61 people, develops and offers a broad range of services and solutions using virtualization technology.

an Atlanta-based IT business with 101 staff members. Additionally, the 1994-founded business includes two development centers in India.

a pioneer in information services and technology. 87 people work for the 2000-founded business.

The goal of Sila Nanotechnologies is to revolutionize portable energy storage by developing lighter, more compact, and less expensive batteries.

The development of technology for the industrial generation of sugars and ethanol from biomass is the area of expertise of American Process Inc.

Techject creates and produces ultra-compact avionics, autopilot systems, flight computers, and robotics accessories.

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