Understanding the Locals u2013 San Francisco Slang

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San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in America, but it’s also notoriously hard to learn how those different dialects and slang terms change the way people think. This blog post will explore some of San Francisco’s favorite words that might be new to you.

The “bay area slang list” is a comprehensive list of San Francisco’s most common phrases. The list includes terms like “hella”, “dude”, and “bless your heart.”

The vibrant and often humorous vocabulary that San Franciscans use is a wonderful place to start when planning the next chapter of your life there. Let’s look at some of the slang used in San Francisco. In this manner, when someone asks, “I’m dying to be giggin’, tryna go out tonight? “, you won’t have that deer in the headlights expression on your face. I’ll pounce on you!


The term hella is perhaps the most recognizable and evident on this list. It may be used for “extremely” and “a lot of.”

  • What an intensely busy day it has been.
  • I love having hella noodles in my soup!


When describing a situation or a person, the word “cutty” often denotes “shady” or “sketchy,” but with a good attitude. It refers to the less upscale areas of town when used as a noun, the Cuts.

  • Although the area is a little cute, my housemates are fantastic!


Maney, a term that derives from maniac, is often used by residents of the Bay Area to casually substitute the words crazy or bizarre.

  • She is perfectly well, but I adore her because she is my mother.


Someone is “giggin'” when they are exuberantly enjoying themselves or are happily dancing with all of their might. It is not a term that is used often, but you can alter that! Simply try to be as joyful as you can and dance as much as you can.

  • You created frozen margaritas, correct? Oh, tonight we’ll be laughing!


either picking someone up or being picked up. This one is so adorable that it ought to be accepted by all people and included to the dictionary.

  • Will you be so kind as to pick up the kids from school because I’m running late?


Coo is more than simply an abbreviated version of “cool” for those of us who are too lazy to deal with the L. When used with the word “off,” it is used to describe a beautiful lady or to indicate that someone is upset about something or someone.

  • Lisa is a cutie! However, she has given up on men completely, so don’t waste your time.

Looks good

A condensed version of the phrase “Good Looking Out,” which is used to thank someone for a favor or for providing information that you needed.

  • Over here, I saved you a seat! Looks good!


Tryna is a manifestation of “trying to,” although it really means “would you like to,” which is a less formal version of “will we.” In contrast to a more formal recommendation, “tryna” may be responded to with a straightforward “yes” or “nah”—no justifications are required.

The City

Are you sure you said Frisco? You didn’t, you idiot! Los Angeles? Please put a stop to it! On the Bay in Baghdad? You must be kidding, right? There is only one nick name you can use without fear of ridicule or snobbery if you truly want to seem like the locals: The City. With other cities already existing and everything, it does seem a bit odd, but who cares? Now that you belong to them, Greetings from The City!

Looking for additional suggestions on integrating into your new neighborhood? Look at these suggestions.

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