Walls or Floors? Which To Take Care of First with an Empty House

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When moving into a new house, you need to determine which wall or floor should be taken care of first depending on what’s easy for the movers. And that can vary from room-to-room and even area-to-area in your home. Depending on what areas are easier than others, that might also depend on how much time is left before your move date.

Walls or floors? Which to take care of first with an empty house. This is a question that many people have been asking themselves. Painting the walls before installing new flooring can help make your job easier.

You have the best chance to build the nest you’ve always wanted when you move into an empty house. The time to modify your property is just before you move in. Consider installing new flooring, fresh paint, or modern appliances.

Which should you work on first, the flooring or the walls? According to floor contractors, theirs should come last. The final touches should be applied by your painters. Really? Any arrangement you decide on will have benefits and drawbacks, so here is a brief summary to assist you in making the right decision.

First, paint?

Give your new colors plenty of time to dry before the flooring is put down if you decide to paint your walls first. To lessen the chance of dents and make it easier to remove as much of the dust and debris as you can, if at all feasible, remove the old flooring before painting. Fresh paint is delicate, and dirt and other particles may cause the texture to seem grainy or chalky. Who wants to paint over a wall they just painted a week earlier with touch-ups? Make sure the flooring contractors actively prevent the space from becoming too dusty by keeping the windows open. After they’re finished, you ought should be able to quickly clear off any dust that accumulated, unless you choose a matte paint that isn’t washable. What is the main benefit of painting first? There is no need to be concerned about spills on the floor. Touching up wall paint is far simpler than fixing your flooring’ finish.

The flooring first?

It could make more sense to install the flooring first before painting if you’ll be installing tile or hardwood floors. Lots of dust and dirt will result from cutting to personalize the dimensions, but you’ll feel a little better knowing you’ll be cleaning the walls afterwards. Consider the fact that flooring need time to cure, particularly if you live in a humid area, and that your contractor won’t want anybody walking on them until they’re finished when organizing your timeframe. Since freshly completed floors don’t respond well to vigorous cleaning, you’ll also need to be extra careful to prevent paint drips on your flooring. That entails properly taping down the edges of plastic sheeting or drop cloth, which should require some time from you.

extensive renovations?

Leave the flooring for last so that everything is a bit simpler. Removing walls or adding new ones would probably significantly alter the design of your space and require relocating a lot of heavy equipment. Then you can remove all of the trash and junk, wash the walls, and paint everything on your brand-new blank canvas, leaving the floor as the room’s stunning new finishing touch. If you finish the floors last, you may paint the baseboards separately and install them after you’re done with the floors, which will make painting a little simpler. Plan ahead and remove all of your paint rollers and brushes from the room before there is a possibility that dust or other particulates will cause harm to them. This will give the paint plenty of time to dry before you start installing the flooring. Do you need some ideas for your remodel? Some of the top home improvement trends from 2016 are included in this blog article.

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Christina Brown

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