6 Ways Living in San Antonio is Better than in Austin

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San Antonio is the largest city in Texas and has a population larger than Austin, Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth. San Antonians are proud of their city’s size while also being more affordable than both other cities. Here are 6 reasons why living in San Antonio is better than it’s fellow Texan neighbor.

“Austin is the capital of Texas, while San Antonio is the third-most populous city in the United States.”

A recent Huffington Post story that dubbed San Antonio as the “New Austin” provoked a contentious discussion. San Antonians appeared embarrassed and stated their city was hip enough on its own merits to not justify such comparisons, while Austinites were incensed at the idea that such a concept was ever considered. Of course, every city has its beauty and benefits, but some are indisputable. Here are all the benefits of residing in San Antonio as opposed to its northern neighbor.

1. Rent and Living Expenses

Finding decent home in Austin at reasonable costs has become quite challenging due to the city’s rising rents. In San Antonio, finding a quality apartment at a fair price is very common. Rent in Austin is typically 40% more expensive than in San Antonio. Additionally, San Antonio has a lower total cost of living than Austin while having significantly higher rents. What about residing in a city that you can genuinely afford?

2. Jobs

Regardless of the expense of living, everyone needs a good job. San Antonio’s rapid employment growth has surpassed that of Austin and all other Texas cities, thanks to the city’s effective leadership and pro-business development policies. These are also the factors that led the US Chamber of Commerce to recognize San Antonio, along with just six other communities statewide, as one of the nation’s enterprising cities in 2013. The city’s strongest sectors are healthcare and hotels, but clusters of businesses in technology, aviation, and financial services also draw cash, talent, and investors from throughout the nation.

3. Traffic

The Austin traffic is terrible. Because of how horrible it is, you’ll spend every day of traffic on the MoPac arguing with the devil. The fourth-worst traffic in the nation, according to Forbes Magazine, causes you to lose up to 41 hours of your life each year in Austin. The fundamental causes of the city’s nightmare traffic situation are its rapid expansion and the inability to build enough lanes and roads to accommodate it, so why should you really care? At the end of the day, all you want is to return to your house. That being the case, San Antonio ought to be your home. It’s not that there isn’t traffic; after all, what contemporary metropolis doesn’t? But at least the traffic isn’t as bad as it was on Thursdays at half past one in Austin when I had to go to the restroom.

4. Food

You most likely won’t go hungry in either Austin or San Antonio, but it’s impossible to compare the culinary scenes of the two close-by cities. Restaurants in Austin are excellent but far more costly than those in San Antonio, which provide amazing Mexican cuisine and other delectable options at reasonable prices. The Taco, a straightforward Mexican cuisine that has been transformed into an art form in San Antonio, is the main protagonist of this tale. You see, not everything that is placed on a tortilla constitutes a taco. Until you try a taco in San Antonio, you won’t be able to say for sure whether you’ve really eaten one.

5. Fiesta

SXSW and ACL exist in Austin. Major deal. Fiesta is held in San Antonio. Every year in April, Fiesta is a celebration that attracts people from all over the city to party at more than 100 activities. The occasion honors the city’s distinctive culture and traditions and has its origins in the 1891 march honoring the participants in the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. There must be a lot to celebrate since the festivities last for 17 days and include the efforts of more than 75,000 volunteers. Three large parades, a four-night block party, live music, food vendors, and athletic activities including racing, rugby, and lacrosse are all part of the festivities. Since community still means community in San Antonio, the money earned by the events is used toward year-round services for the city’s citizens.

6. Community

San Antonio boasts 1.4 million people, which is nearly twice as many as Austin, yet despite this, the city exudes warmth and has a strong feeling of community. It has a simpler, blue-collar feel and is more diversified than Austin, so you’ll undoubtedly meet and interact with a wide range of individuals in a genuine manner. Isn’t that the essence of community?

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The “pros and cons of living in austin texas” is a list of 6 ways that living in San Antonio is better than in Austin. The list includes the pros, cons, and how to avoid them.

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