10 Ways to Make Moving Fun For Kids

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Moving to a new home or office can be an exciting and fun experience for children. Here are 10 ways parents can make moving day more enjoyable for the kids: 1) Let them help with packing 2) Allow them to decorate their room 3) Set up the furniture in multiple rooms 4) Show your child where you will put each of their toys 5) Help set up playing areas 6), Turn off electronics so they don’t get too distracted 7), Make it a learning experience- have your child learn one thing about how houses work 8), Establish rules early 9), Give them choices 10)… Moving can be a stressful time for parents. Here are 10 ways to make moving fun for kids. Moving is difficult. What a gross understatement, huh? However, did you realize that there is a member of your family that could like it? If presented in a creative and humorous manner, anything can be a delightful experience for children. Here are some ideas on how to make relocating entertaining for your children and hence a bit less stressful for you.

Packing is Fun

One Hilarious Packing Song

Create a silly tune that your family can sing as they pack. It should be straightforward and humorous, and it may even use a well-known music that your kids like. Take it lightly; simply begin improvising and see what happens. Allow your children to participate if they are old enough to create their own songs.

2. Mini-Surprises

Even young children may assist in packing certain items. As kids pack, hide little gifts for them to discover, such stickers or chocolates. With older children, you may bury little notes with humorous puzzles or “tasks” to divert them from packing.

3. Box ornaments

Your children may tape the boxes shut when they are filled and then decorate them with stickers and Sharpies. Older children may handle labeling and create eye-catching labels for each package.

4. Creative Cardboard Games

Set aside some boxes for your children to play in. When all the toys have been put away, they may use them to construct a fort, which is a fantastic indoor activity.

Dynamic Fun

Road Music, no.

Make sure you have your children’s favorite music with you while you go to your new residence. If your children are old enough and like music, they may assist in creating a moving-day playlist of upbeat tunes to help keep the family spirit up. This one might delight even teenagers.

6. Travel games

A fantastic method to pass the time while driving is to play simple games in the vehicle. Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, and The License Plate Game simply need a pen and paper, but I Spy, 20 Questions, and I’m Going on a Picnic demand involvement from the whole family.

UnPacking is Fun

7. Camping inside

Don’t rush to set up everyone’s bedroom once the movers have left. Instead, set up a tent in your new living space and go camping inside. Children would adore it.

8. Permit them to design their own spaces

Your children may assist with unpacking and organizing their belongings in their new rooms, depending on their age. They could feel a little more motivated to maintain order in their room if they organize their own toys.

9. Decorate as a group

Children who like arts and crafts can enjoy creating a sign with your family name for your new house and perhaps even unique signs for each member’s room.

10. Arts & Crafts

Once the boxes have been opened, cut one side of each box to create a large, flat canvas. Take it outdoors if the weather permits, give them some paint, and let them to release their inner Jackson Pollock. Children will have many inquiries and maybe more uncertainties than adults. Children may get frustrated by the news of the move, so be there to support them and allay their worries. Here are a few helpful suggestions you should keep in mind if you want to help your family move without worry.
  • Keep lines of communication open. Your children may feel irritated if they have to relocate even if they don’t want to. By including them in the process, you may increase their enthusiasm for the change and future confidence.
  • Look for fresh chances for youngsters in the new site by thinking two steps ahead. You are aware of your children’s interests. Look for their hotspots. Giving your kids the chance to continue engaging in their activities will make the adjustment process quicker and simpler for them.
  • Adjustment takes time, so once you get to your new home, start unloading the kids’ belongings. Allow them to set up and organize their new space. Be extremely alert, consider the needs and wants of the children, and provide them your support throughout the first several weeks. There will be many of possibilities to explore together after moving to a new area. Encourage them to pursue activities and establish new acquaintances.
Any other suggestions for entertaining children when traveling? Please share them in the comments section.

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