What are ICC MC Numbers and Why Are They Important?

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Moving is a surprisingly common occurrence in our lives. But this process can be difficult and confusing, especially when you need to account for multiple people involved on different ends of the move. This article will cover what an ICC code number means for your next moving experience, as well as any potential pitfalls along the way.,

The “what is the difference between icc and mc numbers” is a question that has been asked for a while. The answer to this question can be found in the article “What are ICC MC Numbers and Why Are They Important?”.

Everybody appears to be able to establish a business and use the term “movers” at times. But how else can you assess the reliability of your mover except looking through Yelp reviews? Here’s when ICC MC Numbers are useful. We’ll define the term and go through why calling this number may help you confirm that your movers are highly qualified and accredited.

ICC MC: what is it?

The organization that, until 1996, recognized and granted credentials to freight truckers crossing state boundaries, a group that includes movers, is known by the abbreviation ICCMC. Its main purposes were to monitor common carriers’ behavior, guarantee that reasonable tariffs and rates were in place, and be enforced. It also functioned to collect data on long-distance carriers in order to better assist the transportation business.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is based in the Department of Transportation, received such authority in 1996. Even while movers must now show their DOT numbers on their trucks, well-established businesses should still keep track of their ICC MC numbers. Many businesses will still have them on display in the cabs and trailers of older fleets, proving that they were given permission to carry out interstate moves in accordance with the precise regulations regarding the kinds of cargo, the geographic scope, and operation requirements like the number of hours that could be on the road simultaneously.

Why is this quantity helpful?

The existence of an ICC MC number (or a history of holding one previous to the phase-out) indicates that the firm has been verified via a regulatory organization that, among other things, examined safety records. This is true of any government credentialing system. What I mean is? Knowing that they are dealing with a licensed and legitimate business that has been abiding by the interstate system’s standards for a while makes a consumer feel more at ease. Ask any possible movers you are considering whether they have an MC number on file as you prepare for your long distance relocation. If the business you are researching hasn’t been operational for very long, try looking for a DOT number.

Want to relocate across the country with more convenience and peace of mind? If you want to check if interstate movers have active MC numbers, the DOT provides an ICC number search tool. Take a look at this.

What distinguishes a DOT number from an MC number?

While the DOT number is issued with an emphasis on adherence to safety laws and records, the MC number was primarily focused on economic norms such as tariffs and taxes. DOT numbers now serve primarily as identification rather than as markers of authority or qualifications. Even more justification for finding an MC number!

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