What Happens If My Movers Break My TV?

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If you have recently hired movers to move your TV, only to find out that it was broken in the process, then this article is for you! We’ve created a list of what happens if something goes wrong with your items during a move.

If you have movers who break your TV, the best option is to replace it. If not, a new TV will cost around $400.

On the day of the move, everything seems to be going perfectly until one of the movers falls and spills something, like your TV. Naturally, your movers want to make sure everything is delivered to your home safely and securely so that you will be a satisfied client. If you maintain your composure and follow the correct steps, you and the moving company should be able to resolve everything to everyone’s satisfaction. What you must do is as follows:

  1. Record the damage.

    Your moving company will do an inventory of all of your possessions before the move, note any damage, and have you, the client, sign off on it. As soon as you see any new damage, take pictures of it and have your movers note it on the Bill of Lading before you confirm that you got your items without harm.

  1. Examine the conditions of your contract.

    You may not have read the contract in its entirety since no one loves to plan a move while worrying about the possibility of damaged goods. Review the rules of dealing with damaged things once again to determine whether the business has established a claims system. You can also find out what kind of coverage you have and who you should be contacting by doing this.

  1. Submit a claim

    Whether you need to Submit a claim with the movers or the insurance company depends on whether you got moving insurance. First and foremost, contact the moving company to inform them that you will be making a claim, and document all contact you have with the company for your own records including dates and who you spoke with. Inquire about their arbitration process, as well as whether they have a claims process or paperwork that needs to be filled out. Then gather all of your documents, including the Bill of Lading, Order of Service, and Inventory to build the foundation for your claim. Record the damage. in as much detail as possible, including the photos you took on moving day. This paperwork must be filed within 9 months of moving day if you hired an interstate moving company, but the sooner you complete your paperwork, the better.

Reputable furniture movers will try their best to handle your claim quickly and without incident, but if for some reason it is not handled to your satisfaction, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Transportation (which issues their permits), and leave online reviews to let other potential customers know that you are dissatisfied. A negative Yelp review may sometimes be sufficient to catch the business’s attention.

Here is a how-to on packing electronics, and if you are moving many high-value things, have a look at our moving advice for valuables to make sure you are prepared for anything that may go wrong.


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Christina Brown

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