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A one way move is a move that has only one square on the board, and cannot be reached through any other route.

A “one-way move” is a term used to describe the process of moving an individual or family from one city to another without returning. One-way moves are typically done by professional movers, who will transport all items belonging to the client and load them into their new home. Read more in detail here: one-way moving companies.

Since your goods are only traveling one way, you probably automatically think that your moving company would see your upcoming relocation to a new house as a “one way move.” However, rather than only referring to the direction of travel, the word “one way” really relates to the places and tools you employ to transport your goods. Let us go into greater detail so you can receive the best pricing and an accurate grasp of how your moving company classifies your relocation.

In-Town versus One-Way

With a one-way move, you may be renting a vehicle or having the tools, such a shipping container, supplied to you before being taken somewhere else after the move is over. There is no need to bring the equipment back to its starting point, and the same goes for your personal things. This is frequent when traveling a great distance, since it would be absurd to drive to California and then return your vehicle to Maine. In contrast, returning your vehicle or other moving supplies back where you originally picked them up would generally apply to in-town moves. The machinery stays in town and travels back and forth.

A Variation in Prices

With a one-way relocation, you’ll normally get a flat-rate price that takes into account the miles you’ll travel, the amount of time the truck will be available, the truck size, and the date of your move (i.e., peak season costs more). You will be assessed an extra cost if your distance is higher than permitted. If you keep the vehicle longer than the period you reserved it, you will also be charged.

Your in-town moving costs are determined by the number of miles you travel between your starting spot and, finally, the rental destination. Base rates might change according on the state, the city, the season, and the day of the week, although they are normally cheaper on Sunday through Thursday and in the “off-season.” Of course, they will differ depending on the size of the truck or trailer you decide to hire. This makes it a little more challenging to estimate how much your relocation will cost.

Truck Rental Options for One-Way Moves

Rent a truck for one way

You pick up the truck or have it delivered, drive it to your destination, leave it off there, and then have the rental company pick it up.

  • Pros: Since it is the most popular kind of truck rentals, it is pretty simple and usually costs what was mentioned previously. Your timeline is your own.
  • Cons: The whole process is do-it-yourself. You pack up every item you own, load it into a truck, and go to your new residence. In addition, you must have insurance as the driver and pay for gasoline. Look at the alternative possibilities below if you’re not up for the task.

We Drive While You Pack

Many businesses will provide the service of a driver if you want to save some money by loading the truck but would prefer not to be the one driving.

  • Benefits: By choosing this option, you may move your belongings without paying a full-service moving company or making a lengthy drive in a bulky car. You will get your stuff shortly since the provider normally makes the journey swiftly. Generally speaking, you may add customized solutions like extra packing assistance, unloading assistance, or even temporary storage.
  • Cons: You must still completely load the vehicle yourself. You need to pay attention to appropriate loading method since the moving company probably has instructions on how to load the vehicle to make sure the load is stable.

Professional Movers

The vehicle will be loaded, driven, and unpacked by the moving company. In certain circumstances, you may even engage them to pack for you or at the very least disassemble big pieces of furniture for shipment.

  • There are several advantages, such as having a skilled staff that can transport large boxes, move the oversized armchair out the front door, and perform driving.
  • Cons: This option is the most costly on the list, and if you are relocating a long distance, you may need to plan your move around the company’s availability. Depending on the agreement with your organization, the journey may take 2-4 weeks, and your possessions could halt anywhere along the road and be stored. Make sure you comprehend the anticipated course of the excursion!

When you’re prepared to arrange your one-way relocation, use Unpakt to evaluate moving choices and choose which one best suits your requirements and your budget.


One way move is a term used to describe the process of moving from one location to another without returning. This can be done by renting a truck or using your own vehicle. Reference: penske truck rental one-way.

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