Where are the Best Areas for Young Professional to Live in Sacramento

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Sacramento is an eclectic city, with many different neighborhoods for young professionals to live. The best areas in Sacramento are diverse and have unique aspects that make them ideal for those just starting off their careers.

Sacramento is a great city to live in, but there are some areas that are better than others. There are many neighborhoods with a lot of young professionals who will have children. The best places to live in Sacramento for young families include the following: South Land Park, East Sacramento and North Natomas.

Why millennials are moving to Sacramento is not a huge secret. The Big Tomato, the state capital of California, is a varied city with a vibrant job market and a youthful, highly educated populace. The fact that local government has made it a priority to recruit young professionals by fostering an environment that supports their needs and goals also doesn’t happen by accident. Because so many firms are relocating there, you may not even have chosen to move to Sacramento; instead, you could have been told to start preparing for a corporate relocation. But where in Sacramento should young professionals settle down? See this list of the top locations in and around the city.


Riviera La

Quiet, walkable and safe, Riviera La is one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals. Its residents love it for its pastoral streets and convenient location by Highway 50. It is even quite affordable, with home prices starting at about $200,000. With a median age of 36, this neighborhood is full of young, community-minded people, who love being close to all the action but not at the cost of their peace of mind.



One of Sacramento’s busiest neighborhoods is Midtown. This historic area of the city, which is just east of Downtown, has grown significantly in popularity with millennials looking to relocate for work. So, like mushrooms after rain, bars and restaurants have started springing up all throughout Midtown. Midtown, with its Victorian mansions and tree-lined avenues, is a vibrant area that is ideal for young professionals who want to have fun. It is home to farmers’ markets, stylish stores, and music clubs.


Sacramento West

Just across the river from Sacramento lies the small city of Sacramento West. It offers an easy commute to the city, as well as job opportunities of its own- in fact, it is one of the area’s top four employment centers. No need to travel far for recreation either- Sacramento West has a great variety of restaurants and bars, beautiful parks for hiking, biking and even boating and fishing, and lots of local cultures including a community theater, outdoor music events in summer and an art gallery.


Sacramento East

While Sacramento West is a whole other city, Sacramento East (or East Sac, as it’s often referred to) is a neighborhood within the municipality of Sacramento located east to Midtown. It’s a sprawling neighborhood with a suburban feel, perfect for laid-back young professionals who want to enjoy the city while still coming home to some peace and quiet. But don’t be confused by its small town vibes- the neighborhood is home to some great restaurants and funky bars.



Folsom, located about 20 miles northwest of Sacramento, is much more than home to the notorious prison, made famous by Johnny Cash and his song Folsom Prison Blues. It has a sturdy economy, with tech giants such as Intel and Verizon serving as two of its top employers. There are also lots of fun things to do in town- from swimming, boating, kayaking and water-skiing in Folsom Lake or Lake Natoma, to shopping and antiquing in the Historic District. Active millennials will love to hike or bike across its 95 miles of paths and trails, including Darrington Trail, The American River Hike & Bike Trail, and Oaks Nature Trail. Folsom isn’t the cheapest town on this list, but the quality of life there could well be worth its price.


Marshall College

In spite of what its name would imply, this little area has no schools. Rudolph Harold, one of the city’s most well-known architects, erected the historic K–12 school there in 1903. It is a varied area that is easy to navigate on foot and has a ton of stores, eateries, and coffee shops.

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