Where Do Young Professionals Live in Columbus, Ohio?

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We researched Columbus, Ohio to find the best cities for young professionals. We found that neighborhoods with strong local and community ties are a key component of finding a great place to start your career in Columbus.

Columbus, Ohio has a lot to offer for young professionals. The city is home to many parks and trails, as well as museums and entertainment venues. There are also a number of affordable neighborhoods that make Columbus an ideal place for young adults to live.

Young professionals might consider moving to Columbus, which is popular for its accessible housing and employment options. It’s no surprise that many millennials are relocating there given the abundance of recreational opportunities, parks, and cultural amenities as well as the bustling culinary scene. But where in Columbus should young professionals choose to reside? Check out this list of communities and suburbs that provide everything a young professional might possibly require. Columbus offers a variety of neighborhoods, from the distinctly metropolitan to the blatantly rural, that are perfect for you:


Look no farther than Downtown if you’re the urban kind. Numerous employment opportunities, a vibrant nightlife, a variety of restaurants and pubs, and a hip shopping environment are all offered in this central area. The Shadowbox Live Theater, the COSI scientific museum, and the Book Loft are some of the top things to do in Columbus. For those who want to give up driving, it’s shockingly accessible and quite walking, which is fantastic news (and the payments that go with it). The bulk of working inhabitants in Downtown are white collar workers, and the typical age there is just 29.

North Short

Even more walkable than Downtown, North Short is a lively neighborhood where you can access tons of entertainment options, restaurants, bars, art galleries, shops and boutiques by foot. North Short Art District is a colorful place where you can enjoy some live events and spend a fun afternoon browsing local artists’ work in the frequent sidewalk sales. It’s perfect for young professionals who want to live among their peers- the highly educated, white-collar population of North Short has a median age of 32.

Victorian Town

If you’re interested in a more laid-back community, Victorian Town could be perfect for you. It’s a picturesque neighborhood with many turn-of-the-century Victorian homes, and its main recreational facility is Goodale Park, which is a perfect place to have a picnic or play some ball in nice weather. It’s a quiet part of town, where you can steer clear of loud bars and busy streets, but still, enjoy them whenever you wish with just a short trip to neighboring Downtown and North Short.


This sprawling neighborhood is one of Columbus’s most beloved neighborhoods. Located just six miles north of Downtown, it is home to Whetstone Park, a popular landmark featuring bike trails, tennis courts, and baseball fields. It also boasts a pond, a library, and a 13-acre rose garden. You’ll find great shopping and a versatile array of restaurants on High Street and its adjacent streets, which comprise the neighborhoods’ business district. One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Columbus is located here- Whole World Natural Restaurant & Bakery, where you can find some exceptionally delicious vegan pancakes on the weekend.

Grandview Hills

Moving a bit out into suburbia, GRANDVIEW HILLS is a community located just outside of Columbus with a lot to offer young professionals. It has a very young population, with over 20% of residents between the ages of 22 and 29. Enjoy your free time here hiking the trails of Wyman Woods Park, nurturing your intellect in The GRANDVIEW HILLS Public Library or browsing the lovely Farmers’ Market in the summer. Food lovers will also appreciate Taste of Grandview, a local foodie festival showcasing the community’s restaurants and food vendors which takes place annually.


Ashville, a hamlet 22 miles south of Columbus, is situated farther out in the suburbs. With activities like the Gazebo Gatherings, where neighbors join together to enjoy live local music and get to know one another, you can experience true community living here. Young professionals who don’t want to live in an urban setting but yet want to be close to amenities and employment opportunities can consider Asheville. Additionally, the cost of living is a little less affordable here than it is on average in Columbus.


Dublin, a significant suburban community with a population of over 40,000, is situated 18 miles northwest of Columbus. Some significant businesses have their global headquarters there, including Cardinal Health, Nationwide, and Wendy’s. An annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and the Dublin Irish Festival, one of the biggest Irish-American celebrations in the country, are held in Dublin to honor its Irish heritage. It is also a popular destination for golfers, since it annually hosts the Memorial Tournament, a stop on the PGA Tour. Residents may spend peaceful afternoons at one of the town’s lovely parks, most notably Hayden Falls, which has a stunning 35-foot waterfall as well as unusual animals and flora.

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