Where Should You Live In Miami Beach?

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Miami Beach is known for its beautiful weather, sand beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Miami-Dade County is the most populous county in Florida with more than two million residents. This article will discuss the pros and cons of living in this popular beach city to determine whether it’s right for you!

Miami Beach is a beautiful city with a lot of things to do. If you’re looking for the best places to live in Miami, then this article will help you out.

Disney and limitless white sand beaches are probably the first two things that come to mind when you consider relocating to Florida. Miami Beach is the epitome of the latter even if it lacks the former. In reality, some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches are accessible by foot from the majority of the island’s districts. We’ve put up a list to assist you in choosing where to live in Miami Beach since we realize that accessibility to the beach is just one aspect of your decision-making process. Immediately after that…

SoFi, or South of Fifth

The majority of the island’s neighborhoods have some kind of acronym, so become acquainted with them first. At the southernmost part of the island, south of Fifth Avenue, is SoFi, which spans a seven-block area. With a number of recently built condominiums and easy access to South Beach, it is without a doubt the most opulent area of Miami Beach. It comes as no surprise that it has also been ranked as a very safe area of Miami Beach and is a popular spot for those seeking both beach time and nightlife. If you’re going to Miami, condos vary in price from $500k to $1 million, and rent will run you around $3,000 a month. However, given the luxury most locations provide, you get what you pay for!

Miami Beach (SoBe)

This area is the ideal representation of Miami Beach. This is the spot to be seen and heard, with its chic stores, clubs, and restaurants that are open till the wee hours of the morning or perhaps all night. As the center of the Miami Art Deco movement, anticipate creative flare in the architecture and community planning. The majority of residents live in condominiums, which can be purchased for between $200,000 and $700,000 and have monthly rents of roughly $2,000, so don’t expect to see many homes. Although the architecture isn’t as fresh, if you’re seeking for something creative, you’ll like the flare. Living in SoBe has just one drawback: there isn’t enough parking, not even for individual homes. Oh, and stay away from this neighborhood if you’re searching for a peaceful setting. There are many of revelers in South Beach, particularly during Art Basel, the annual celebration of art, yoga, and music that takes place in December.


Mid-Beach was dubbed the area’s burgeoning neighborhood in 2014 by the New York Post. It has drawn a more diverse crowd since it isn’t as opulent as SoFi or nearly as party-focused as SoBe. It is the most family-friendly area of Miami Beach, extending from 24th to 63rd Street, calmer and with better access to parking, the substantial wooden boardwalk, and a range of retail attractions. Five-star chefs are starting up tiny, hip restaurants in some of the finer hotels, which is another emerging aspect of the local culinary scene. For a more unique ambiance, visit The 27 Restaurant and Bar at the trendy Freehand Hostel. As you move closer to the sea in Mid-Beach, condo prices rise, reaching a high of around $1 million for a detached unit and a low of about $200,000. The good thing is that no matter where you live in Mid-Beach, you’ll be within walking distance of beautiful white beaches. If you’re seeking to rent, the majority of alternatives will cost between $1,200 and $3,000 per month.


Look into Surfside if you’d rather avoid the bars and the party scene in favor of little beach cottages and undeveloped beaches. With just a few thousand people living on this little stretch of land, this area of the island has managed to retain a stronger sense of community. Everywhere in Surfside is close to the beach, so the locals adore this area. Home prices are also more affordable, with rent starting at just $1,200 per month and a bungalow-style home costing between $300k and $500k. Thoughtfully examine storage options when you make the shift to minimize the sense of having too much things in a tiny area since you should expect the residences to be modest. What more do you really need in this neighborhood than a surfboard, a bikini, and a few towels?

Hopefully, you now have a clearer understanding of the Miami Beach area you’re looking for. Be mindful of a few other things when relocating, and don’t forget to be a good neighbor and introduce yourself to your new neighbors.

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