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Moving is one of the most stressful things in life, which makes moving boxes an important part of your transition. Moving company prices can be prohibitively high for a move that’s only going to last about two hours; so why not ask around and find out where you can get free moving boxes?

Moving boxes are large, and can be very expensive to purchase. If you’re looking for a way to get them for free, there are many places that offer these boxes as a service. Read more in detail here: where can i get large moving boxes for free.

You probably included in the most apparent costs when figuring out how much relocating would cost: the moving company, the security deposit for a new apartment, some new furniture, and perhaps hiring a cleaning service. But how about packing materials? You must select robust boxes that can support the weight of your books while moving your possessions. They shouldn’t collapse when being jostled about in a vehicle. As a result, some wind up spending more money than they need to in order to purchase sturdy moving boxes. You can recycle while keeping that money if you put some thought into it and do some forward planning. Here are seven locations where you may get moving boxes, sometimes at no cost.


1. First Office Supply

Of course, robust boxes need to be used for shipping office goods. A lot of the packaging material that comes with more delicate items, like computers or other electronics, ends up being thrown away. Ask if they have any of the boxes that printer and copier paper are sent in by going to businesses like OfficeMax and Staples. Alternatively, discover the days of the week when they receive cargo. Paper boxes are ideal for storing anything, including books and pots and pans. They are the perfect size to prevent you from putting too many heavy items in one box. You just need a little amount of tape since some of the boxes already have lids.


2. bookshops

Of course, boxes of different sizes and forms are used to transport books. Since books are weighty, they all seem to have one thing in common: they are strong and long-lasting. The majority of bookshops get deliveries once or twice each week, so visit a couple in your neighborhood to learn when your books will arrive. Then decide how you’re going to obtain moving boxes. If you reside in a large city, such shipments are typically larger and arrive more often.

Ask around at Barnes & Noble, Borders, or whatever store you happen to have nearby to get free cardboard boxes.


3. Restaurants and bars

Vegetables, alcohol, canned foods, and other items of this kind are often delivered to restaurants. Restaurants are a fantastic spot to get packing boxes since those boxes need to be sturdy to prevent the delicate items inside from shattering and falling to the ground. There are several uses for the liquor boxes that are ubiquitous in bars. Plants, last-minute knickknacks, and other items that you are transporting in your vehicle but don’t need a totally sealed box should be packed. Typically, the tops have already been removed. French fry freezer boxes, fruit crates, and dry storage boxes are common items in restaurants. Be aware that certain boxes can smell like fried food. They should not be used for clothing, beds, or other things that can collect food smells.

4. A supermarket

Ask your neighborhood food shops when their large shipments arrive well before your moving day. Tell them you need moving boxes and where to find them. You’ll get a jackpot of free used boxes if they’re being kind! Because they are sturdy, banana and apple crates are especially handy. They do, however, feature openings to let the fruit breathe. They make excellent moving boxes for your bedding as long as they are clean (no rotting apples please!). Alternately, line them with a garbage bag to contain your awkward assortment of socks.

5. Pharmacy

You most likely reside close to a Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreens. Similar to the grocery shop, schedule a visit by finding out when they get their largest shipments. In an act of kindness, the management could let the employees know you’re seeking for moving boxes so they can keep the better ones and, as an added bonus, you can save them the bother of disassembling them. To fit more in your vehicle, just stack the small boxes into the medium boxes and the medium boxes into the big boxes.

6. Liquor Retailers

You may have considered going to the liquor shop for different reasons while considering where to acquire moving boxes for your impending trip. But what if we also receive some boxes there? Although wine and liquor boxes are sturdy, they are often not particularly big and frequently have the tops removed. They may still be a tremendous aid when it comes to moving your possessions if you utilize them wisely and creatively. Although not as strong as liquor boxes, the bigger cases that six-packs are delivered in may also make good moving boxes. Beware of wayward staple ends that may be sharp since liquor crates are often kept together with staples (making them more durable than glued boxes).

7. Home improvement retailers

Appliances, tools, paint cans, and other big items are often available at places like Lowes and Home Depot, but sometimes accessing them can be challenging due to the size of the shops. But it never hurts to ask, and if you’re fortunate, you could find a great place to buy moving boxes. For convenience’s sake, you could have better success at a small, locally-owned hardware shop where you can become friends with the employees. These employees are likely relieved that they won’t have to disassemble all of those boxes this week.

Ideas for moving boxes as a bonus

  • These online marketplaces for the exchange of products, Craigslist and Freecycle, are managed by the general population. If you’re prepared to go pick them up, folks often offer their empty moving boxes online shortly after moving into a new house. While some individuals may post inexpensive boxes on Craigslist, Freecycle is intended to be absolutely free.
  • Social media: Facebook has a feature called the “Marketplace,” and many cities and villages have “Resource” Groups where you may post your desire for gently used moving boxes. Who knows what you could discover?
  • U-Haul Box Exchange: To assist link members of the armed forces and college students who may need to share storage space, moving vehicles, or other moving-related requirements, U-Haul created a free messaging board.
  • Home Goods Stores and Toy Stores – Basically, any store that receives big shipments ends up with a lot of cardboard boxes, but home goods shops in particular frequently receive boxes for dish sets, glasses, and other delicate items that could be useful when you’re trying to protect your priceless possessions from breaking (see Unpakt’s packing dish guide for more information).
  • Recycling Facilities – Many recycling facilities and transfer stations feature a section set aside for gently used boxes, where customers may drop off or pick up boxes as required. Check yours, but keep in mind that most facilities discourage or even forbid searching through the cardboard bin. Before you dive in to collect boxes, check with the personnel to make sure you’re in the clear.

If necessary, where can get moving boxes:

You may need to purchase some of your moving goods if all other possibilities have been explored or if you find yourself pressed for time since you didn’t give yourself enough time to pack. Listed below are a few locations to look:

  • Your relocation service – You may be able to purchase inexpensive moving boxes from the movers as part of your moving package. They can sometimes provide you with a bundle of several sizes at a discount since they have access to a wholesaler.
  • U-Haul – The rates at U-Haul will definitely be less expensive than those at hardware or office supply shops, and sometimes they’ll have a “free boxes” bin as well, so take advantage of that while you’re there. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some packing tape!
  • The UPS Store – Since they are experienced shippers, you may get all kinds of packing supplies here, including very large rolls of bubble wrap.
  • Online – If you can wait for them to be delivered, retailers and discount hubs will offer bundles of boxes for far cheaper than you’ll find them at most retail locations.
  • Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. You can buy what you need if they won’t initially offer you any complimentary boxes. They often sell bundles of different sized boxes and typically have a large range of possibilities.

Moving box sizes and costs:

Since moving boxes are made of cardboard, purchasing them ought to be inexpensive. However, a small-home moving package from Staples, for instance, is expensive at $319. Although it comes with everything you need, including boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, newspaper, and packing tape, it will still add significantly to your moving costs, and buying all of those things is not particularly environmentally friendly.

Of course, you may buy boxes in smaller packs: Where-To-Get-Moving-Boxes-for-Free

This is a fantastic opportunity to increase your free supply or, in an emergency, to pick up some more last-minute boxes for those extra goods.

Lowe’s Moving Boxes are a great option for those looking to get moving boxes for free. They have a variety of sizes, and they’re easy to find in stores. Reference: lowe’s moving boxes.

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