Where Young Professionals Should Live in Arlington VA

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Arlington’s rapid growth and rise in popularity has created a real estate market that is highly competitive. Many young professionals looking to move into the area are finding themselves out of luck when it comes to affordable housing, which will continue if they don’t act now.

The “best apartments for young professionals in arlington, va” is a question that many people are asking. The best place to live for young professionals is Arlington VA.

Arlington is a city where the old and the modern coexist to form a distinctive urban fabric. The affectionate term “urban villages” used to describe the city’s various communities appears to embody Arlington’s underlying paradox of being both a city and a suburb together. Which urban community would be best for you, then? If you’re a single, young professional who enjoys going out, you’re likely searching for a neighborhood with a lot of entertainment and shopping opportunities. If you’re a worker moving with your family due to your employer, you may be looking for a peaceful, secure area with top-notch schools and lovely parks. Fortunately, Arlington meets all requirements and preferences. To discover more about five of its most sought-after communities, continue reading:

1. Alexandria-East Falls

One of Arlington’s most exclusive communities, East Falls comes with a hefty price tag. With average test scores that are greater than both the state and national averages, it boasts excellent educational alternatives. It is very safe, with somewhat fewer crime reports than the state average and a very low proportion of those complaints involving violent crime. East Falls features all the amenities needed for an urban community, including supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, as well as retail centers, entertainment venues, and parks for physical activity and enjoyment. Additionally, it is quite walkable and easily reached by public transit.

2. Madison House

Close to the city’s western tip, Madison House is another exceptional neighborhood in terms of amenities, education, access to transportation and safety. Walking through its streets one can enjoy a retrospective of post-World War architecture, from brick colonials and cape cods to 1970’s town houses. It’s a beautiful laid back neighborhood with easy access to the busier, commercial parts of town. But what really makes this neighborhood great, despite its soaring real estate prices, is its people and sense of community. The Madison House Civic Association organizes such community events as a Halloween bonfire, Easter egg hunt, parades and picnics year round.

3. Square in Ballston-Virginia

Ballston mixes urban skyscrapers, a bustling business core, single-family homes, and opulent condominiums. It’s not the most affordable area on our list, but it offers young and young at heart a vibrant urban living experience. The neighborhood’s average age is 36, so millennials moving here for work will be surrounded by people their own age. When a neighborhood has around 70 eateries within a five-block radius, you know the residents like to party.

4. Arlington Heights

This southern neighborhood is a favorite for families looking for a close-knit community. Turnover in Arlington Heights isn’t frequent, and most families who move in never seem to want to leave. Obviously, with the neighborhood being quite small, prices are not very low. But for a family who won’t compromise either a sense of community or proximity to DC, Arlington Heights may seem an obvious choice. It is also very safe and has great schools, parks, and some nice shopping.

5. Williamsburg

Another neighborhood with a small town vibe is Williamsburg, which is situated on the edge of Fairfax County. The majority of its residents live in single-family houses, and compared to other communities on this list, they drive more often. Williamsburg is nearly exclusively a residential area, which is perfect for families and those who aren’t relocating to the area for its nightlife and entertainment. Williamsburg is a peaceful neighborhood where you may raise your children, get to know your neighbors, and feel a sense of belonging. It takes a village, as they say, even in an urban setting.

Even while these urban villages are more expensive, they are still much less expensive than comparable areas in Washington, DC. Why not consider relocating to Richmond if you want additional possibilities in the area?


Arlington VA is a great place for young professionals to live. There are many apartment complexes that offer amenities, such as pools and gyms. Some of the best apartments to live in Arlington, VA include Avalon at Clarendon, The Bluffs at Rosslyn, and the Crystal City Apartments. Reference: best apartments to live in arlington, va.

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