Which Philadelphia Neighborhoods are the Safest to Live in?

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Philadelphia is one of the most populous cities in America, with over 1.5 million residents. This means that there are literally thousands of neighborhoods to choose from for anyone looking for a new home or apartment. However, many Philadelphia natives will tell you that not all neighborhoods are created equal and some of them might be more dangerous than others depending on what your personal preferences are. For example, if you’re an aficionado of crime scenes then living in Kensington would probably be ideal but housing costs may make this option unfeasible on its own (at least without roommates).

The “philadelphia safe neighborhoods map” is a website that shows the safest Philadelphia neighborhoods to live in. The website also includes links to crime statistics and other information about each neighborhood.

Philadelphia has gained attention because to the widely renowned TV show “The Wire,” but not always in a good way. Families and anyone seeking for a more secure neighborhood may start noting the locations they wish to stay away from based on how the city appears on television. Therefore, if you’re thinking about relocating to Philadelphia, often known as “The City of Brotherly Love,” we’ll give you some tips on how to properly choose your new area. We’ve compiled statistics on Philadelphia’s safest areas (thanks to city-data.com), so you can be sure that your new place will feel much like home.

Cherry Hill


When ranked based on available amenities and crime rates (60% lower than the rest of Philadelphia), Cherry Hill is top on the list. That also means it’s top on the list in terms of rent and real estate prices, but sometimes it’s worth paying a premium to live in a neighborhood where you feel completely safe. Families in Cherry Hill can find plenty to do, with the Citizen’s Bank Park right in the neighborhood for sports lovers or a visit to Independence Hall, where the Constitution was drafted, for history buffs. These attractions are mostly centered around Chestnut Ave, which means higher traffic — so choose a home tucked in the residential streets a little further from this main road.

Have a look at Cherry Hill’s very own website for event listings, information on restaurants in the area, and even recommendations for visitors.

Garden of Fairmount-Spring


This neighborhood is the arts capital of Philadelphia — so if access to museums and galleries is a priority for you, your home could be within walking distance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Franklin Institute, and Rodin and Barnes Foundation.  Just like Cherry Hill, though, you’ll pay a premium to be in this safe, well-appointed neighborhood. Crime rates are 60% lower than the rest of the city, though still higher than the national average. The Spring Garden section of the neighborhood tends to be the quieter part, so for families seeking the small village vibe within the big city, this neighborhood could be a great place to live.

Mt. Airy


In addition to being one of the greatest spots in the city if you’re searching for a calm, safe neighborhood close to City Center, Mt. Airy is one of Philadelphia’s biggest neighborhoods. Mt. Airy’s crime rates are 44% lower than the city average and 18% lower than the national average, thanks to its tree-lined streets and top-notch educational system. And to top it off, the neighborhood is really dang adorable.



A community with cheaper housing expenses and more diversity has to be included on our list! Somerton, which is home to the Liberty Bell Center and is adjacent to Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies play, has a sizable population of families from Russia and India, which results in an excellent selection of very distinctive eateries. While the cost of living is just 11% more than the average in Philadelphia, crime rates are 37% lower. So, if you’re moving to Philadelphia and want a more varied, reasonably priced choice, consider your possibilities in Somerton.

Are you still on the fence about relocating to the City of Brotherly Love? Find out a few reasons why it could be better than you thought by reading this blog article. Click here to find out more about relocating to Philadelphia.

Northeast Philadelphia is a neighborhood that has many different types of people. It is home to the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University. It also has plenty of parks, museums, and restaurants. Northeast Philadelphia is not as safe as other neighborhoods in Philadelphia like the Art Museum or Rittenhouse Square. Reference: is northeast philadelphia safe.

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