Top 9 Yoga Studios to Check Out in Boston

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The Boston-area is home to some of the best yoga studios in the country. Whether you’re looking for a new class, an instructor, or just want to find a space with good amenities and great vibes—look no further than these nine studios that are sure to leave your body feeling amazing!

Boston is a city that has many options for yoga studios. Here are some of the best yoga studios in Boston.

How can a practitioner pick from the several yoga studios in the Boston metropolitan area? We’ve whittled down the list to spare you hours of perusing Yelp, whether you’re new to the neighborhood and wanting to discover your new home studio or you’re looking to try something new.

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The top yoga studios in Boston are listed here, located in a variety of areas. Now go have some fun!


1. Coolidge Yoga

Address: 1297 Beacon Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 02446.

Are you looking for a studio that offers a selection of cheap lessons that will help you get to know the neighborhood? On your initial visit, choose the “30 Days for $30” option to enroll in a whole month’s worth of lessons. You can always find a class that meets your requirements thanks to options like Forrest Yoga, FUNdamentals sessions, slower restorative practices, and pre/postnatal classes. A second Coolidge site may be found in Boston’s South End at 15 Worcester Street, zip code 02118.

2. North End Yoga 

3rd Floor, 256 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113.

The diversity of courses offered at North End Yoga may appeal to you if you’re more of a multi-disciplinary kind of person. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga are all scheduled in, along with Mat Pilates and BarreFusion. It’s beneficial to change things up sometimes, right? For $30, sign up for 30 days of unlimited lessons; this deal is only available during your first visit.

3. Yoga on Beacon Hill

Address: 57 Phillips St, Boston, MA 02114.

You want a warm Vinyasa, but not constantly. BHY, which is situated in the center of Boston’s famed Beacon Hill, provides regular and heated sessions every day of the week along with restorative, barre, and meditation programs. Rentable mats and towels are offered (there are showers). For $30, try two weeks.


4. Barre & Soul

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02138, 36 John F. Kennedy St.

Located smack in the center of Harvard Square, Barre & Soul attracts a lot of students from nearby universities as well as professionals working in the area. This studio prides itself on being empowering and body-positive: you won’t find mirrors in-studio. Take Vinyasa, YogaSculpt, Barre, or 30-minute CardioFlash classes at the studio rated Best of Boston 2018 by Boston Magazine. $79 covers your first month of membership.


5. Swet Studio

480 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116.

Why not practice yoga on a soft hammock? We aren’t joking. Swet Studio offers semi-traditional yoga poses where you may hang from the ceiling while doing savasana a few feet from the ground. Purchase your first session for $30 and get a second class free since classes are kept small owing to hammock availability.

6. Karma Yoga Studio

Harvard Square, 1120 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138.

saunas with infrared heat. locker rooms resembling spas. two studio spaces in addition to a full-service gym. a tea shop with wholesome munchies. The Harvard Square Karma Yoga Studio is your one-stop shop for everything related to unwinding, physical fitness, and general wellbeing. You get access to the class, the gym, the sauna, and everything else for the $20 drop-in charge.

7. Sacred Yoga Center

382 Huron Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138.

Come to Majestic Yoga if dancing to thumping music and blacklights isn’t your thing. The instructors provide therapeutic, slow flow, alignment flow, and “Aging Gracefully” programs that are available to yogis of all levels and are steeped in the Tantric Yoga tradition. A excellent place to start is with the $30 for two-week New Student Special.

8. Life Yoga Health

12 Temple St, Boston, MA 02114, in the city

HYL, a family-run organization founded on the tenets of the Emotional Responsibility Method and coaching, is committed to assisting students in transforming not just their physical selves but also their whole lives. Utilize the coaching, meditation, and vinyasa courses provided at the two HYL sites.

9. The Back Bay YogaWorks

364 Boylston St, Boston, Massachusetts 02116.

There are enough of YogaWorks to go around with seven facilities spread out around the city. It could be comforting to get here if you’re already acquainted since this studio tends to have a unique look across all of its sites worldwide. By taking advantage of the New Student offer on the YogaWorks website, you may take a week of unlimited lessons for free if you’re brand-new to the studio.

When relocating to Boston, keep an eye out for areas that are both inexpensive and fashionable, and save up money for relocation expenses. We have everything you need to know about relocating to Boston if you’re new to the region. Take a deep breath now and get ready to see Boston’s newest favorite studio! Enjoy your practice. Namaste…

The “north end yoga” is a studio that offers classes in many different styles, including vinyasa flow. The studio also has a location in Cambridge, MA.

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