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Packing mirrors can be a difficult task as they are heavy, large, and too fragile. First, gather some materials such as a mirror box, cardboard, plenty of bubble wrap, and packing tape. Secondly, cut two cardboard pieces the same size as the mirror and affix them on both sides. Set a large area for packing and set some foam on the floor or table as your working area. Then use the packing tape to wrap it. This is not the final wrapping. Again cover the item with plenty of bubble wrap and also use the packing tape. Finally, set the full mirror into a mirror box of the same size.

Wine and liquor bottles need extra safety when you are moving them into your new house. As they are fragile, you must take extra care of them. Here are some simple tips:

  • Get some wine shipping boxes. They don’t cost much and have foam inside them, which will prevent breakage.
  • Wrap those boxes carefully with packing paper.
  • Label each box to identify them individually after you move.


You can easily pack your ornaments in egg cartons binding by tissue paper. Plastic cups can protect the decorations from scratch. It would be best to use rigid cardboard to load each item into it. Don’t forget to fill up the gaps with papers. You need to make the box airtight if you want to store them for a long time. Otherwise, the ornaments become fade over time by open air. If you are facing any issue don’t want to try yourself Contact American Mover for any kind of moving aid.

This is one of the most fragile items you will carry with you. So you have to take the most safety to protect them. First, you have to separate each item, such as the bulbs, rings, pendants, etc., and wrap them each in small tissue paper. But you can’t just wrap the mother item with the tissue. For that, you need a cardboard box and set the item into it. Don’t forget to use some bubble wrap to fill the gap. Finally marked it “very fragile”. So that you can identify it easily and move them carefully. If you need any Relocation service in Bend city to move this type of fragile item, contact us for the safest move.