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We provide professional packing services. Our experienced and honest Queens movers will take care of all of your things without a single scratch.

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The great American Mover offers affordable home moving services within your budget.  You will have local and distant moving services from the cheapest Queens moving company.

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Our family owned moving company in Queens & Long Island City has the best storage facility provides high security and protects your personal privacy with the computed listing.

Queens Movers-Professional & Affordable

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Local Movers

When it comes to local moving and storage, Our specialists do it better than any other company in NYC. Our movers and truck drivers  have experience of over 20 years. Our professional team is well trained to keep your every stuff safe and secure from the very beginning to the end of the entire process of your move. Our one of the best moving companies in Queens City serves the neighborhood area such as Long Island and New Jersey providing professional moving needs. Make sure you get the free quote from our moving team to understand every step and get the highly recommend top customer service to have a last-minute moving experience.

There are a lot of moving guidance for queens out there if you want to learn more.

long distance

Being one of the experienced professionals, our distant services offer different containers for a small home or apartment with some furniture and for a large house with a large number of household chores. There are different types of moving trucks to fulfill your exact needs diminishing your expenses for any particular move. Our professional employees are experts at heavy lifting either it can be your furniture moving or piano moving. You can see a detailed survey with real-time availability instantly. 

A common question arrives “should you tip your movers for long-distance moving?” Here’s a guide on how much to tip movers. You will get a custom estimate via email from us about the home size and the number of trucks required whenever moved to NYC. Check out our rating about the home move and the special truck for the great NYC customers.

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Always Judge before hire

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Moving Process

There are some pre-move planning you should consider


First, pick up a comfortable date to move your belongings. Of course, you want to instruct our specialists according to your needs and comforts, and you want to monitor their job. So, your presence is important on the home moving day. Make a list of your stuff according to different categories such as furniture, Kitchen, Documents, Electronics, etc.


Our movers in NYC are the effective moving specialist for the heavy lifting of your belongings. You should make an uncategorized list for those pieces of property. It would be best if you were exact about your house or office's size while discussing your moving with us.


Our employees will have a brief discussion with you about how you want to pack your things and move your packages. You can buy the empty boxes on your own that you need to move the miscellaneous stuff, or you can buy them from us at a reasonable price. We will provide other packaging materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your Questions…

How much does it charge to hire local movers in New York NY?

Local services usually cost around 25 dollars per hour. To move a small apartment of 2-3 bedrooms, it needs 4-5 workers working for 4 hours. So it costs around 500 dollars to move to a small apartment. The expense can rise to 2000 dollars for distant moving depending on the distance and weights of your belongings.

How to Choose the Best Movers in Long ISland & Queens?

To find the best Queens moving company, try to follow these steps:

  • Check for the service area they offer
  • Check for their duration in the business
  • Check about their equipment and boxes they use
  • Check if they provide heavy lifting services

How many movers do I need for my move in Queens?

You need 2-3 movers to pack your things and move you in a day. It costs around 80-150 dollars per hour to have services in any state. A few extra charges are applied for additional Queens moving services for secured storage facility.

Who are the cheapest movers in Queens & Long Island city?

It is easy to find some companies but Queens NYC Movers can assure you of having the best budget friendly services in the market from us. What our special qualities are :

  • Professional & trained moving experts
  • Fast delivery
  • Outstanding storage facility
  • stress-free moving services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good at heavy lifting
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Fast delivery

We hire experienced drivers with at least ten years of driving experience. We never compromise with time, as your delivery is our priority.​

item inspection

Each and every item goes through high inspection by our employees. We promise to deliver your pieces of stuff without a single scratch on them.

boxing service

Our movers are experts at boxing with whatever your kinds of stuff are. We take special care of your furniture and brittle pieces of stuff at the time of packaging.

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